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By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 22 May 2019


The dice were his downfall strangely roulette was his saving grace.

So I recently reviewed and it had a lot to offer.

That is until I rolled their dice. The dice is simple roll under or over 50 I naturally roll high it loops around at 100. By natural probability at 700 tokens if yo bet 40 and naturally at a loss double you should get your money back then go to one till you get a base level for what it's going to hit next.. this was the challenge.. after a great roulette game I decided to try this theory. Now I see why people hate dice. It took and kept taking. So much that I would say it's unfair. I assume after you double it's set to loss. But roulette if you know how to play is a sure win I recommend playing four squares at a time and working it like a heart beat across the board never spending more than 7 times your bet. This will ensure 7 turns to nine. If you play half the board these numbers are greatly increased but then your gambling.

I say gambling because you will win high but the numbers it can fall on are lower in your favor. 7 spots to 9 profit you will win and if you take a loss you will make it back.

So lucky io has a legit platform but stay away from dice if you are betting it will take indiscriminately.

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Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

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