Blurryface attempt at blockchain lyric making

By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 7 Jun 2019

Time keeps clicking. Generating a sound. 

Tick tick tick, chomping at the bit.

Becoming so rich, for a moment curing my itch. 

Does so funny protecting my money.

Hunny we are poor someday I'll shake the core: gold generate some more.

It's a stellar experience I'm looking for.

Time keeps clicking clicking generating a sound.

Tick tock tick talk. Feel like I'm letting down my block.

Doesn't matter if your Nick or Nock. Failure is a loss. 

Set me back at zero, add a point I'll be worth anothers entire gross.

Back again I see, my casinos open for free. Can you meet me at the gate, I hope you see my face put it in a book. Regulate how we all shook. I got my cash and a few waves to meet. Have you tethered to your seat.

Faces are made put them in a book. Decentralized nations with a look. Told you I had you shook.

And the clock goes tick tick talk talk.

My mine punches out like the apps I cop. Pay me out, or I'll shout get my doges out. Just an investment gone south. Better a 10 cent shout, then a complete fall out.

Talk talk tick tick. All the poison in the hearts of the rich made me sick.


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Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

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