On The Journey To Redemption And Earnings - Harder Than I First Thought

The Journey For Self Forgiveness And Earnings With Low Capital


I Started This Journey 8 Month Ago


So I started my journey to a meaningful life eight month ago after my last overdose I ended up in a ventilator for 2,5 days.  This was a massive one, if a few minutes more had gone before the police found me I had been dead by now. This ten years of drug addiction with the last seven years as a heroin IV user has been hard and taking a good tool on me.

Before I had everything in the first six years of my bad habits I still lived with the love of my life, had a good job, weight trained which is my true passion. Before this eight moths now I have been clean I was homeless for nearly a year, had no smart phone, no phone overall. All I had was a bag with filthy clothes and also of course a lot of both used and unused syringes ad needles. Life was a true mess, the anxiety of ruing my life in every aspect was severe. I had lost everything had no contact with my family, no friends left and no girlfriend anymore, that I deeply loved and still do. 

Well I turned the boat around, now I have in this eight moths built a good relationship with my family and I'm in a good way of finding me again. I'm a bit proud over that, from nothing to something. I have a long way to go, I still live in a rehab or I acutely live in a apartment they have, the last step in the rehab program. I've also used one of their computers to mine ETH the computer has a Geforce GTX 1660 6 gb and I've mine myself 0,04 ETH at the moment. I know that not so much, but it's something and it's much to me. I only get 400 dollars a month so I can only afford to invest 100 dollars a month to crypto trying to get the big rewards and pay off my debts!


The Six Hours Of Reading Everyday Trying To Find Ways Of Earning Free Crypto And Find The New Moonshot


Because I nearly get nothing to live on and even a smaller amount to invest in crypto I of course trying to find ways maximizing my gains. For now I have about 400 dollars invested in crypto and if I being honest I maybe have made a profit of 50 dollars during the three months, a real bad profit.  I've been reading and investing in crypto for about 4 years in total. In the years 2019-2021 nearly nothing except this four months now. It's many things that has evolved during my time away from it, dApps for example not only that much more.

I Thought my first one to two month investing now that I should have much more by now. Didn't believe it would be so hard. I found dApps, right+ of course I thought this was the solutions to all my debts and turning my bad economy around. No... that was not the case. I have been learning a lot this four months. Now my goal it to make small profits every month and attack the world of crypto from different angles. I will tell about what angles I mean under the next heading. I have been doing the last month like 100 airdrops, trying faucets for several days just by getting the result of earning next to nothing. I have tried everything it seems.

But I have done a makeover of my plan now, when I could accept the reality of probably not hitting that moonshot and nothing is free even in the financials of cryptocurrencies. Sometimes I get just blank, I'ts so much to think of, so much new projects, blockchains, NFT.s, trading, what should I focus on with my small investment to get more value and breaking thru plateaus? I'm getting so confused sometimes.

Therefore I love when people using my referral links, to mining applications, airdrops, free crypto, more crypto when deposit and more. I have mentions and written a few articles with serious projects you getting a free cut of their token and mining applications. When someone uses this it helps me so much because I getting a small reward by that and I'm careful what I reefer to and I want the loving humans using my referral links getting something to.


My Goals During The Month Of June To Increase My Earnings


-Try to write more exciting and well written articles on Publis0x - trying to build a bigger following base and by that maybe get some more "tips". My goal in this first month is to earn 5 dollars on my articles.

-Not throw everything into DeFi, I've lost much here. Somewhere I thought I wouldn't loose just win or it would solve my itself. Big mistake throwing a lot of the of the little I have on projects just dipping in the end.

-I have tried to write on read.cash, but nothing and I have wrote like ten articles but I haven't even earned 0.01 dollars. But I will try again! 

-Do airdrops, but not getting to in to it, much is fake and even more so tell you that you will get 40 dollars of their token or 30 dollars and 10 dollars by referral and so on. In the end you have referred like ten people and you calculate your token earnings to 100 dollars and in the end getting 5-10 dollars of tokens.

-Still read much and just consuming information in every angle. This with moderation tho. 

-Increase my earning of my reflect tokens. I have bought some reflecting tokens. I bought $TATA:s for 100 dollars the native token of HakunaMatata, I also have like 20 dollars of SAT tokens (saturna) and the last reflecting token I have is PYE (CreamPYE) and I have tokens for around 30 dollars. I hope I get at least in all three tokens worth around 20-30 dollars more by this month. All of these tokens are very new and focuses on charity donations.  


What I Want To Learn Better And Start To Earn Money On


- I want to learn how to margin trade I've been trying it out a little, I have gained some an loose some. I need to learn more and feeling more comfortable with it.

- I also what to learn how to trade with leverages, this is the same as spot trading I know, But the difference is the leverage that could be anywhere from x2-x100. I think you can make good money by this, if you're skilled and know really how to use the leverage to your advantage. I could be wrong by this. But I will look thru some guides and videos about it.

- I want to learn to future trade. I don't really get this. You can by long and short, I kinda get it, still complicated. Need to read a lot more about it.

-There is maybe no correct answer to this. But I want to learn how to stake and yield farm more safe and what token I in this moment I would throw some money on.

- This might not be in this category but I would like to find some new coin you could mine by CPU because my GPU is occupied with ETH mining. 


Thank you for reading, do you like my articles hit the follow button! and do you have some tips how to earn crypto both for free and with investments or just something for me to look into, any tip that could help me get better/earning more is very welcomed!



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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

In my blog you going to learn more about new technologies according to mining but also about new upcoming projects, as well about new airdrops and free ways to earn more cryptos/tokens. Welcome down to the dungeon (mohaha)

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