Flitplay New Trading Platform - Early Adopters Gets Their Native Token

Flitplay Platform - Utilized With FLT


Flitplay explaied

The interface is simple and clean, easy to understand by other words. It's appalling I've always loved simple things at least when it's simple to understand to many advanced settings just makes me out of wack. For those like it simple and clean is this perfect. As many other platforms can you go in trading mode to, perfect for beginners to start with before starting with their real assets or just for the trader that wants to advance their tradings skills in some way. It's not much to say here, trading platforms will be trading platforms. The platform is a India based-platform with as you may guess a Indian team behind.


The Trading 

The trading is nothing special as said above it's a simple platform focused on spot trading. Unfortunately do not many features exist that you want as a trader. There is no margin trade available neither leverage trading, just spot clean old spot. Traders utilizing bigger exchanges are used to many different features to make their trading more exact and profitable may not like Flitplay. The platform do not offer many tokens to trade either, some of the bigger cryptos makes a presence on the platform like BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, TRON and Doge some other cryptos present on the platform are BTT, BAT and Shiba and the only stablecoin present are USDT.


The Native Token Of The Platform

The platform's own token is simple called Flitplay token (FLT). For now it doesn't exist much information about the token neither a price of it. Information might come further down the road when the platform starts to feel home.


Get FLT Token For Free 

I'm a lover of free crypto in every way possible you never know when a special token might come in handy or maybe if a token do a x10 in a year or more. Free is always free, why not use every tool in this world to gather wealth. You get a scratch card containing anywhere from 50-100 FLT from using my link to register you also get a scratch card for sing-up + KYC containing anywhere from 250-500 FLT. To utilize every reward the platform gives you need to do KYC like every other centralized trading platform. 

You can click here to proceed to Flitplay using my link to register and get extra FLT rewards.



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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

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