My Thoughts and Setup as a Crypto Hodler

My Thoughts and Setup as a Crypto Hodler

By MiniCrypto | MiniCryptoTips | 2 Jul 2020

My Thoughts as a Crypto Hodler 


The purpose to this blog is to express my views and opinions as an avid Crypto enthusiast, and show what I’m doing as a Hodler. I hope I can help new people in this space learn more about why blockchain is the future, and how they can take advantage of this new industry.


Why Blockchain?


I’m a believer in the blockchain industry and what it can achieve in the long term, in terms of innovation to ever aspect of society and how we live it, and money is just a by-product of the hard work and resources put into the crypto world.

Once, more people learn how blockchain can create more efficiency within all industries, and more trust without a middle man, then it will open up more innovation and job opportunities in the future. 

I think there is real opportunity right now in blockchain technology to increase your investments. If your saving your hard earned money in a bank, in the future, you will lose value to that fiat through inflation and end up paying banks to hold your money via negative interest rates. This is defiantly something I know I don’t want happening to me.

This is why I have invested in blockchain technology, as in one aspect, it is tearing up and rewriting the rule book of finance. No longer do you have to trust a middle man with your money, or suddenly have your money frozen from you when you purchase something.

There will be more share of wealth and benefits to the general public, just by contributing to different blockchain communities.

Trust is hard to find in this crazy world and I believe blockchain can create more trust between people/ industries and governments without having to, and the little people will be able to have more of a say in how there community is run.

My Setup as a Crypto Hodler


As you know, I have a long term outlook of the whole industry, and how I manage my cryptocurrency is by understanding the market cycle involved.

It is a very volatile market with many ups and downs and that can be quite scary for someone new to the space. It is a dangerous place for people looking to become a millionaire over night. 

Fortunately there are some methods to use these volatile moves to your advantage, without having to be a top trader and it could be life changing 5-10 years down the line.



I have been using Shrimpy for the past few years now. What Shrimpy does is rebalance your crypto portfolio at a set period of time or percentage gained, based on your allocations.

An example is, you set your portfolio to 70% Bitcoin, 20% Ethereum and 10% USDT with a 12 hour rebalance strategy. 

If Ethereum rises by 5% against bitcoin over 12 hours, that 5% will be distributed between Bitcoin and USDT so your portfolio resolves back to your set allocation. If Ethereum drops 5%, Bitcoin and USDT will be used to buy more Ethereum at a lower price to equalise the percentages allocated. 

Rebalancing is a great tool for the volatility of the market, but you will have to have some idea about what crypto assets you are using to rebalance your portfolio. When I chose what crypto assets I hold, I look for strong use purposes with an established product, which has been around for quite a while. (In terms of a crypto asset history)

Shrimpy can be setup up using a wide range of exchanges from Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin and many more. 

A great aspect of Shrimpy is its social section. If you are not sure what crypto’s will perform well in the future, you can follow leaders. Following a leader will copy there portfolio and any changes they perform. You can see the performance of the leaders portfolio from a day to a monthly duration and make your decision who to follow based on that information. There is also a chat function so you can ask questions to your leader or just talk crypto.

If you do have a good understanding of the crypto market, you can become a leader yourself and share your strategy. 

Shrimpy Support is very helpful and are always taking suggestions from there community in how they can improve. Shrimpy is still developing with much more to come, like new exchanges added and trading signals, which should help making your decisions on what crypto to have in your portfolio.

I have my own leaders page, called Minidrummer. Please use the link below and follow if you want steady gains on your investment over time.


When holding my crypto I use, as it helps me make the most of my holdings and every day purchases.

Over the past few years has gone from strength to strength becoming one of the leading crypto wallet card distributors within the crypto industry. They offer a wide variety of services and amazing returns through staking multiple crypto’s.

There is two distinct aspects to

There is the app, which can be found in the App Store or Google store, and the  exchange which can be accessed via any browser. has two tokens which run there app and exchange. 

MCO is the token that runs the app

CRO is the token that runs the Exchange.

Holding there tokens adds benefits to the token holders in many ways. Exchange


The exchange has some great benefits for people who wish to hold or trade crypto. 

You can earn daily interest on multiple crypto just by keeping it on there exchange (This is known as soft staking.) 

If you stake CRO you can gain multiple benefits.  Staking 10000 CRO for 180 days or more you can make 20% APR, which is paid out to your wallet every day.

Staking CRO can reduce trading fees, and the more you stake then less the fees. There fee structure is very clear to view within there exchange, so you don’t get any surprises.

On top of this incredible return for holding your crypto, you can participate in the syndicate. Every fortnight, they list a top crypto which can be purchased for a 50% discount. has a set allocation of tokens which then get distributed to the subscribed syndicate participants, depending on the amount of CRO that gets staked. App

The App has some great benefits built into it.

The main reasons I like this app so much is it is easy to link your bank and cards and buying crypto has a 0% fee on-ramp into crypto, as well as the speed of transfer of crypto to other users with no fees. 

Only down side, is if you withdraw your crypto to another external wallet, there is a fix fee of 0.0004 btc. (Not sure if this will change in the future.

The app has its own staking element called Earn. There are multiple crypto’s which can be staked within the app via Earn and if you stake 50 MCO or more, it opens up a wide range of benefits. 

Not only do you get sent a cool metal Visa card, but you can get cash back in crypto for purchases using there card. 

 Below are the benefits depending on how much MCO you stake:



Within the app you can send gift cards and top up phones for friends and family through Pay Rewards, which can earn you up to 10% cash back.  also gives out loans by using your crypto as collateral. This means there is no need to sell your crypto and you can pay the loan back as quickly as you want. So if your short of cash, you can get a loan with no questions asked.

There are vast benefits to using, and in the future more crypto’s will be added to there roster, giving them a wider appeal to more crypto holders.

To help me out please use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD :)


I hope reading this has helped you understand crypto and some of the benefits that can be had from hodling for the future! There are many amazing projects out there, but Shrimpy  and  are the two I use the most frequently due to there benefits and ease.




Crypto Enthusiastic since 2017. I have been trying new games and programs within the blockchain ecosystem ever since i learned about this space and I am always looking out for more projects which i can earn crypto over time for the long term.


Since learning about blockchain technology, I have been an avid supporter of how the underlying technology has the potental to change the world. Not just financially but also the ablilty to create efficiency within all industries and aspects of our lives. I am hoping to help you reduce the hours of surfing the web for interesting and fun projects and maybe help you pick up a few sats along the way.

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