Minereum V2 | Finally, it RELEASED!!

By Potaball | Minereum | 12 Apr 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, after four months of waiting, Minereum finally launched their new platform as well as fully distributed 1197634 in total Minereum V2 genesis addresses to all airdrop participants. All promised features will be formally online now. 



Minereum V2 Features

With this new platform, you can:

  • See the statistic of the overall Minereum V2 ecosystem
  • See the basic info of your Ethereum address
  • Activate Minereum V2 genesis addresses
  • Transfer your mined Minereum tokens, ownership of genesis address and your stake
  • Trade Minereum V2 genesis addresses
  • Trade Minereum stakes
  • Trade Minereum tokens
  • Create your own ERC-20 token with and without ICO compatibility


How to use it

MInereum V2 was made up of 12 smart contracts. As a result, you will need a connect your Ethereum wallet to it just like other DApps. Officially, the team did recommend people to use Metamask for this purpose. Also, when you interact with the smart contract (e.g. set your genesis address for sale), you must pay a gas fee in order to process. So, do not surprise when you cannot set your genesis address for sale. Always check your Ether balance first! 

If you want to learn more dos and don'ts about this new platform, please check out this tutorial here


Interesting fact

Even though the distribution phase of the genesis addresses (32000 MNE included) was over, some of the airdrop participants still cannot see any MNE balance reflect in their wallets nor on etherscan.io. This is due to the last step of the distribution was not 100% done yet, this is the thing that enables everybody to check their balances on etherscan.io. Nevertheless, you still can check your balance by directly go to their new platform.

Please note that Minereum changed their token contract address to a new one. So, if you have Minereum hodling in your wallet, don't confuse between them.

Old token contract address: 0x1a95B271B0535D15fa49932Daba31BA612b52946

New token contract address: 0xc92e74b131d7b1d46e60e07f3fae5d8877dd03f0








Telegram: https://t.me/minereumtoken


Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4495159



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