Wolf.bet review. Free one time 5 dogecoin and 3 from 7day-streak!

Wolf.bet review. Free one time 5 dogecoin and 3 from 7day-streak!

By minehunter007 | minehunter007 | 3 Nov 2019

I just started and I'm shocked it only has a small about of people online. 

I do understand betting games are a far from good place to be at, however
I've started today and got 5 free dogecoin another 3 from the 7 Day-Streak.

If you somehow manage to lose all of that, which is extremely hard to do if you
set auto-bet to minimum doge, on lose 125% and roll 50. It's as simple as that,
greed will get you nowhere fast.

1st picture shows the 1st 13.000 bets so far it is doing very well, without risk of 
losing anything. No deposit is needed, no e-mail is needed for withdrawals either.


I mean upsides a ton, downside so far no tipping has been implemented which is 
coming at some point in the near future. 

BTW: I don't work for Wolfbet, I don't own any stakes in the site or anything of the sorts.

I'm a player and a farmer like so many of us. Anyway more information coming.

So here's the faucet, which I'm probably never going to have any use for. XD


You're probably thinking why wouldn't he need that? Well it's rather simple this picture
will say it all.


1st about chat, rules are shows in the upper right corner of the chatbox.

At 1st it looked a bit over the top! Like porn? Really! ^_^

But it makes a lot of sense too, some weird people are out and about now a days.

PS: might be one of them! 

Anyway moving forward, in other to have access to the chatroom you 1st need a 1000
bets on your account. If you follow my instructions that well go faster then you think.
About 3 per second I believe it's running at. Rain drops are kinda like airdrops but 
with a fresh new name, it was born in betting chatroom's I suppose and therefor it's 
called RAIN.

I didn't know about the rules and got a reminder to read the rules 1st. The Mod was able to
see that I was new so it wasn't an issue, they're understand and will not kick you for something
you aren't aware of. But I wouldn't share porn or referral and or advertising links, might get your banned
right away.

Also I'm going to try and see when they're going to add the tipping bot. It would be great to share the
referral link profits if or when someone joins my team.

I'll update and if you comment your name and I can see you're in my referral I might try and do a airdrop thing.
There when the time is right.

Join in now please, no time to waste since you can get 5 free dogecoin to start earning doge none stop on auto.

I will update my winnings and share all there's needed to know. If you choose to change the bet settings, you're
free to do so but know that you can lose all the time you put into it. the main goal is to gain more and more over
time and possibly up the bets a little by little.




Good luck and my Wolfbet be your winning ticket. I hope I can win something too!

Catch you on the next post people and thanks for the tips.

Little update to show my progress...


As you can see I could increase the bet amount easily but choose not to before I do a deposit 1st
Al thought it doesn't seem needed at this point because from chatting with everyone I also got
these rain drops to play with already


if you rack these up, I think in a week or so I'll be able to test btc, eth and bc. 

Which will also be updated over time, this will keep updating as I progress so feel
free to check in daily ;)

Morning update for this site is good too. I'm so happy this site is golden. Just need to grow maybe 
a little faster but I'm pretty stocked about this future betting game that will blow some out of the
playing field.

As you can see below small profit but safe and solid. 


zoomed in stats.


rain drops from chat are adding up nicely too

Everything except dogecoin is from rain alone. And I'm not moving to it until it has what I want it 
to have made before I ever choose to bet with it.


There's also a wolf race event that could lead to daily profits, $1.000 dollars is split among 10 top
betters as well. Far far away from joining that without depo's tho. Unless you risk a lot and win!

Are you one that loves to take the right and high risks, be sure to ask about in it chat :)
Mods share their wins and are pretty open about how much losses to wins they took.

You'll need bank to do this anyway, which I'm not aiming to do right away. 


Just a guy trying to make his way into the crypto world ;)


Data analogies about cryptography charts and technical analysis make everyone an expert now a days. I'm just going to cover my thoughts. And Arqma is just a group that I respect a lot. That's all!

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