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Why should you consider spend some time playing Blankos Block Party?

By PsyDoc | Mindsetprofit | 13 Dec 2021

Why should you consider spend some time playing Blankos Block Party?
If you still don’t know it, Blankos Block Party is NFT game, play-to-earn and multiplayer. The game looks like a mix of Fall Guys and Roblox, but have more options of mini games from shooter, racing and other styles. You can earn a in-game token that allows you to buy NFTs. Here are 7 reasons for you to start playing this game.

1. It’s fun
Some cryptogames are really boring, it’s just click to mine, click to recovery, click to start fight… This one is different; you can spend some time playing and will not see the time goes by.

2. It’s beautiful
The characters have a lot of skins you can by and accessories that change their look. As the levels have tons of elements that provides different experiences. They are working with good digital artists that are doing a great job.

3. Be creative
Talking about the levels, you can create your own level with an editor, and you can win prizes with this.

4. Be part of a community

google trends blankos
As you can see above this graph is from Google Trends search about the game, and you can see that since June in 2020 the game is gaining attention and people are looking for the game. You can add players to be friend and chat.

5. Be a collector
The characters and accessories can be NFT and some of them have a limited amount, so they can be trade on a market and some of them can become more expensive. For the character the collection, the game reproduces a kind of action figures universe that came inside a box, and can be differences in prices on opened and unopened boxes.

6. Might be a famous e-game star
If this game continuous to grow it has a good chance to enter the competitive game scenario. It has some characteristics multiplayer, mini games have ranked results and a growing fan base. It definitely can support big championships on future.

7. You have little to lose
We know that time is money, if you don't want to spend money buying a NFT from the game you can only spend time playing, some crypto games need a considerable initial investment to play. Here you can use your free time that you would probably play another game or watch TV and can get completing the tasks of the game a NFT that sometime might be a valuable asset.

We never know the future this game can be discontinued tomorrow, the game now while I’m writing this is, the game still in early access, and a lot of things can change. But as we can see that are a lot of good reasons to play this game.

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