How to deal with your family saying to stay away from cryptocurrencies?

By PsyDoc | Mindsetprofit | 12 Dec 2021

The first thing we must accept is that they are doing this for a good reason, they are trying to help us, it is a signal that they care with us, and they are wishing the best future for us. I know when an advice come from a family member a lot of emotional stuff can jump to our mind, and thoughts like: “They don’t believe in me”, “They are trying to sabotage me”, “They want me to be dependent from them for the rest of my life” or “They always think that know more then me”. Our family member and people with love relations are the ones we get the most intense connections and consequently the most emotional reactions. So, let’s look of some aspects of why they are telling you to don’t deal with cryptocurrencies.


They don’t really know what cryptocurrencies are. Don’t you remember your first contact with the crypto world, how skeptical and lost with a whole new vocabulary (blockchain, mining, virtual wallet, and so on). So, their knowledge from what is a crypto come from a TV news, a video from a social media or other non-specialized source. They aren’t experts. They can be fixed with some ideas like: “crypto are used to buy drugs and other illegal stuff”, “cryptos are easy to be hacked”, “crypto will lose all your value tomorrow”. To help them be more comprehensive, you need to explain to them the fundamentals of how crypto works and all things we can do with cryptos so they could be more open minded.

Another Scam

If your advice to be away from crypto came from an older person you should respect their life experience and listen care to why they think this. Ask them why and they will tell a lot of scams histories and bad experiences with fast money that close people from them should had lost a lot of money. Anyone knows a tragical history that someone lost their savings one an opportunity on a fake company, a deal with a house that was made by impostors and all kind of scams that the “brilliants minds” from the crime can create. Take a time to learn with these histories and say to them that the scams already exist on the crypto world, but that are a lot of reliable experiences too.

They might be right

I think that for some people the cryptocurrencies might be very stressful. If you have don’t have emotion stability you should invest in your mental health first, going to a specialist first could save you from take some too risk decisions that you might want to fix your life in one crypto bet and get real hurt. People with compulsions or gambling problem should be very careful to enter the cryptomarket. If you are in a middle of an important phase of your life, a final exam that could change the course of your life, for instance, you should wait to deep into the crypto, it can be a lot of distraction thinking on the future life as a rich person or checking the variations on the market every hour to see what’s going on.


There are a lot of motivations that your family might be telling you to stay away from the cryptocurrencies. Mainly, that they care about you. You should provide them with information, that can help you all, they would be less worried because they know more about what you are doing, and you will be less anxious with their preoccupations. And is important to tell them that you never will put all your money in only one crypto, because you know that risk management is an important part of the process and they will understand that you will not lose everything.

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