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Cheap Coins!? Pinksale might be the solution

By PsyDoc | Mindsetprofit | 28 Dec 2021

What is Pinksale?

Pinksale is a platform that users can launch and make initial sale of their own token. Other users can buy those tokens at an initial stage and can get a better price. They also had their own token PINKSALE that is used to pay the fee and to give as reward for the most successful launchpads and have an anti-rug system to protect their users.

How a launch works?

The creator can set different options on how the launch will works. The most important information:
Presale Rate – This field is the "price", the amount of tokens the buyers will get with 1 BNB (or MATIC or ETH, depending on the presale).
Soft Cap – The minimum amount that must be sold to the launch works.
Hard Cap – The maximum amount that will be sold on the launch before hits the sold out.
Minimum and Maximum Buy – The minimum and maximum amount that user have to pay to participate on the presale.
Presale Start Time and End Time – All the launch has a period that buyers can enter on the presale.

Example of an ended sale:

pinksale information


If there is some coin that you are interested in a launchpad you must think if it is a good deal, calculated the chance to hit the soft cap because your money will be there until the final countdown (you can emergency withdraw), there are some cases that there is a liquidity provider opportunity too. Look if there are some good opportunities on the live or upcoming sales and you can also access the history of the ended sales on the platform to see how it works.

This is not an investment advice, be sure to research more about the platform and understand all the fields of the launchpad before you put your money there.

You can get more information on:

Official Site -

Telegram Group -


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