Investing IV

As always, the markets are going up and down. Shares have fallen sharply in recent days. Crypto is going up right now. Mindset again proves to be very important. Buy in the dip and sell at the top. You need a plan to do this, because nobody knows if the peak is the peak and if the dip has reached its end. So ensure good diversification and also take a profit which you can invest again when the market is lower.

This week I transferred the first $5 worth of Bitcoin from Cointiply to Coinbase. The transfer went well, so I will do this more often. Always nice to get some free Bitcoin.

I further investigated how Ecency works and how I can link a wallet to it. A lot of it worked and I'm going to make a starter guide soon, because Ecency is fun, but incomprehensible.

In addition, I am still working on my research into a number of interesting coins. Hopefully I can tell you more about that next week.

I'm always looking for more knowledge and interesting options, so I'd love to hear about it if you have something nice to look at. Thanks in advance!

I would like to conclude with my current top 3 of interesting things:
My top 3 remains unchanged this week.
1 Tezos, curious where this cryptocurrency is going.
2 hi Dollar (referral:k1360uinu), free earnings in little time. Nice staking and liquidity pool.
3 Cointiply, just love that I am earning Bitcoin quite easily.

If you find this interesting, follow me. And if you have any advice for me or something interesting to investigate, I'd love to hear it. Thank you!

This isn’t advice. It's what I've done. Do your own research!

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I explain investing, mindset and crypto in an easy way and post about what I learn about crypto myself.

Mindset, investing and crypto.
Mindset, investing and crypto.

Hello, Awesome to be here and read so many amazing posts! I hope to learn a lot here. I am going to write about mindset, investing and crypto. I will share my knowledge and the new things I learn about crypto. I'm going to keep it simply. I like to keep it understandable for everyone. I hope you like it and learn something from it. That's my goal. If that sounds interesting to you, follow me. Greetings!

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