Investing II

A week has passed since my last post on investing. It was another interesting week. The crypto market is moving in all directions and now mainly downwards. In these times it is important to look to the future and not panic sell. What's your plan?

I have already installed sMiles. Here you earn by, among other things, walking, playing chess and a fortune wheel. You need a referral: Kevinc273. I like to go for a walk, so I thought I'd just give it a try.

I also started on Cointiply. Here you can earn Bitcoin in many different ways. I'm still looking at what's possible, but in any case it is very interesting and definitely worth a look.

In addition, I have now also created an account on Kucoin. I am researching some crypto to start buying with little money.

Over the past week, I've been diving further into Ecency. I now understand better how it works. What was especially instructive is that you can only do a few actions and that you have to be careful with your HP. This is really about adding value, which is very nice.

I also spent some time on Torum and LunarCrush. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with this. One thing I do know, I get some free crypto.

In general, my search is mainly aimed at gaining knowledge, so I can invest better. Picking up free crypto on the go is of course always a plus.

I would like to conclude with my current top 3 of interesting things:
1 Tezos, I am very curious where this cryptocurrency is going.
2 hi Dollar (referral:k1360uinu), relatively many free earnings in little time. Nice staking and liquidity pool. I didn't want to miss this one.
3 Cointiply, just discovered and I am earning Bitcoin quite easily.

A new post will follow as soon as I know more. If you find this interesting, follow me. And if you have any advice for me or something interesting to investigate, I'd love to hear it. Thank you!

This isn’t advice. It's what I've done. Do your own research!

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I explain investing, mindset and crypto in an easy way and post about what I learn about crypto myself.

Mindset, investing and crypto.
Mindset, investing and crypto.

Hello, Awesome to be here and read so many amazing posts! I hope to learn a lot here. I am going to write about mindset, investing and crypto. I will share my knowledge and the new things I learn about crypto. I'm going to keep it simply. I like to keep it understandable for everyone. I hope you like it and learn something from it. That's my goal. If that sounds interesting to you, follow me. Greetings!

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