The Magic Pill
Magic pill

The Magic Pill

One thing you must understand about human nature is that nobody wants to buy a problem.  

What everybody wants is a simple solution.  

A simple solution to their marital problems.....

Business problems.  

Relationship problems.  

Money problems.  

Health problems.  

Spiritual problems.  

The list is endless.  

Every problem is a business opportunity.  

If you want to make big money and change the story of your life for the better as an entrepreneur (and aspiring entrepreneur), you must do the two things:  

  • 1. Sell the magic pill
  • 2. Beware the magic pill.
**"A magic pill is a simple solution to complex problem that somebody is willing to pay for.


In business, you don't sell what you want or love to sell.  

You sell what the market wants.  

And what the market wants is......  

......a simple solution to their big, nagging problem.  

-Stephen Lee  

*****P.S. How much are you willing to pay a man who can help you solve your business, branding and cash-flow problem once and for all?  

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