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Torum: A Social Media Platform That Connects Crypto-enthusiasts Around The World

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++ | 18 Dec 2021

It's been more than a month when I joined the crypto social media platform called Torum. It is a platform designed for crypto-enthusiasts to build community, talk about crypto, and help the mass adoption. The main focus of Torum is the utility innovation where they choose to use NFT and DeFi as a way to accomplish their mission.

I've been in Torum for a quite long time but doesn't focused before, which I regret for now. I on boarded last 25th of February to explore how great the community is. During February, its token which is called $XTM doesn't have a value yet and probably it is the reason why I do not pursue it. On the other hand, in the mid-year, I decided to go back and explore Torum deeper.


During that time, you can earn 5-20 XTM per mission that you have done. You will not have a hard time to do the missions because it is only few task such as liking, commenting, and spreading someone’s post. These missions were created to keep and maintain the activity of the Landers—the people in the community, and motivate users to interact. 

As the time goes by, the XTM rewards on the Missions are constantly decreasing into half, from 20 XTM to 10 XTM and after the official release of their token, the rewards became smaller. However, despite of this decreasing rewards, the Landers still support the community because of its promising projects such as NFT, DeFi, NFT staking and more.

As of writing, the price of XTM is approximately $0.764 which is higher than our expectations. XTM token will be hosted on Binance Smart Chain as its main network because of one primarily reason: cheaper fees. It includes the Torum NFT Marketplace that will be helpful for its growth.

The migration of Torum into BSC network will help the community to grow and keep the landers to use it, primarily to save transaction fee. As of now, you can trade XTM in Uniswap and PancakeSwap

As of writing, I currently have 853.94 XTM that I got from doing simple Missions and received gifts from other landers. This is an approximately $645.86 where you can easily trade and convert into stable coins. In my case, I don't have a plan yet to sell my XTM. Looking on its great roadmap and promising projects, I am sure that its value will increase more. [Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice]


If you want to join in Torum, you can use my affiliate link where you can get free XTM bonus after verifying your account through WhatsApp. 

👉Use my affiliate link and get a reward.

Please take note that using my link is not mandatory, it is optional. The Mission rewards can be claimed instantly, the missions are only simple such as following other landers, joining in the Clan and Community, and more.

In fact, the #Club1BCH has their own Clan where you can freely join and share your ideas about cryptocurrency (Specifically Bitcoin cash). You can also add a post on this clan and spread into other community.

👉Join in #Club1BCH Clan by clicking this.

You can read more of this on their Litepaper and Whitepaper for complete information about this community. 

Also, if you want to add the XTM token on your non-custodial wallet such as Metamask, SafePal, and Trust wallet, you can simply go to bscscan to get its contract address and manually add it to your wallet. 

The current supply of XTM based on its Whitepaper is 1,000,000,000 units of XTM in BEP20 and ERC20 token type.

I would recommend to read its Litepaper and Whitepaper to fully understand Torum. There's a lot of things to talk about this but we only included the basics. In their Whitepaper, you will learn about their tokenomics, roadmap, incoming projects, Torum finance, and their Airdrops.

It is not too late to join in this platform, as what I have said, their mission and goal is promising and who knows that 1 XTM will be $10 each, right? The early adopters are just lucky enough because they received more XTM before its official release. 

To start, you can sign up here and be one of the landers.

Honest review on the community:

Landers are great and doesn't discriminate other coins. They will not be mad if you will mention other coins. The developers are great, the superiors are even interacting. I remember my first post in Torum, “Is it required to post cryptocurrency topics only?” 

One of the team of developers answered my question, “No, but as long as you can, do it” It is not the exact statement but it has the same thought. They will welcome you warmly. After all, their mission is to connect crypto-enthusiasts to each other with Torum.

👉Join in Torum here.

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