Staking My Assets And Earn Passive Income

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++ | 14 Dec 2021

“One of the best way to be rich is to put your money at work and gain passive income.” I was watching a video on Facebook and this video appeared on my feed. This statement was from a financial coach (I forgot her name) which is successful woman and no need to doubt her words because you will see the result on where she is now. Hence, I decided to follow her advice and converted some of my coin into one that will give me a passive income.


For your information, I converted some of my Bitcoin cash into $CAKE to have high APY which is approximately 0.18% daily from my invested asset. Since I have a total of 2 BCH, I decided to convert 1 of it into BUSD and decided to split them on different assets. Most of it are converted into cake and currently staking on pancake swap.

Looking on the price of cake, I think my decision is not that right because cake is almost like a stable coin which is not moving higher than $20 and cannot gain some profit on it. However, despite of this issue, I want to believe that cake will be bullish soon and will become $50 per cake, we just need to hold and trust this token.

On the other hand, smartBCH is a great project, no doubts on it. However, in the past weeks, there is a lot of FUD along with this side-chain of BCH where most of the tokens were rug pulled and some investors had a fear to invest on it. One of the examples is the MILK token. Honestly, I invested $100 in MILK and decided to stake it into Mueliswap since it gives more than 100% APR which is a lot better than other token (including cake) however, after days of staking (I think it was 2 days) a lot of FUD came and they said pull out your MILK token because it has a chance of becoming rug pull. 

As a silent visitor of group chats, I read these chats and decided to pull out my milk from mueliswap and had a loss of $20. I also converted the remaining $80 into BCH to be more safe. But the FUD isn’t real, I guess. It was my regrets to listen to a selfish person who spread this FUD.

As of now, I have few EBEN which is—I guess better than CAKE, it is also my regrets for not investing on this SEP20-token and choose cake. You know, they almost have the same rate of APR/APY. The only difference is EBEN is flying while the latter is most likely a stable coin, still, hoping for the best. I am just lucky to buy EBEN at $0.26, and unfortunate as well for buying few of it.

The next one is HIVE token where it gives more privilege on the HIVE community where you buy this and stake to recover your resources. Buying Hive tokens is not a mistake, in my opinion. Seriously, I am starting to like HIVE especially its different tribe where you are earning more tokens not only HIVE. So far, my favorite is the alive and leo tokens.

Lastly, the Ziliqa coin. For your information, I have some of this coin where I bought last bull run (before the April) and this coin reached $0.20 each. Unfortunately, I bought on this price and currently on stuck, so I decided to stake this in my Binance account. Recently, I found out that this coin also belongs in Kucoin Exchange which is giving higher APR than Binance, so I decided to transfer it all from my Binance into Kucoin for 11% APR, not bad after all.

As of this moment, the thing that I want to explore is the Kucoin trading bot, since I saw this feature when I opened my Kucoin account. I still need more information about this, and I want to explore more. Who knows that it can also give passive income, right? I think Bityard has a copy trading feature too! Wanna try it.

Finally, the point of this blog is to have an at least one passive income so you don’t need to work harder, you need to work smarter! 

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