How I Lost My Axie Team?

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++ | 20 Dec 2021

I invested on this game with $900 investment. Sadly, I lose them all after doing a mistake, maybe a big mistake and biggest regrets that I have right now. Imagine researching for 3 days and $900 is a huge money…and the most painful is it is the last money that I have in my wallet, seriously. I have other tokens but all of them are in loss and most of them are shitcoins…which is I excluded on my total money. I think it will take more years to recover those shitcoins, probably not.


So, what happened to my Axie? Honestly, I got scammed. After playing for one week, I decided to sell my team because I am having a hard time to recover my MMR, it eats much of my time in grinding to gain MMR, and I feel that I cannot focus on my studies because of the game. I tried to put $100 profit from my initial investment. I tried to sell my team for $1000. I did not list them on the marketplace because I think I will spend more fee if I will do it.

Hence, I posted it on Facebook specifically Unofficial Axie Infinity Marketplace Facebook group. In my post, there are two people commented. It turns out that they are both scammers.

First one named Christine, she knows how to manipulate people and make her victims believe on what she is saying. We had a “good” conversation, talking about NFT games since she mentioned that she played a lot of NFT game specifically Ethermon. She sent the screenshot of her wallet on her Metamask, she has more or less $4000 on her wallet.

We had a negotiation, she said she will pay three times. Every transaction that she makes, I will send 1 axie which is fair enough. We both agreed. She asked for my Metamask wallet address, so I sent my address. She asked me if it is on Ropsten Network…I am not familiar and she guided me. She said Ropsten Network will be helpful to lessen the fee of transaction.

She sent approximately $300 for 1 Axie, she was waiting for my reply…but my gut feeling says something is wrong. I did a quick research about Ropsten Network, it turns out that the money inside this network are just test net token which means it has no value—a fake money. I gave back the test net tokens that she has and decided not to continue. I even helped someone not to fall on this trick. I saw someone posted on Facebook, selling her Axie as well and Christine, the scammer commented. I immediately told the victim that Christine is a scammer and the money that will be sent to her is fake.


Fast forward, it is funny that I survived to Christine’s scheme but fell on this one. This time, I feel that I was hypnotized by the way of how this guy talks. The scammer called me through Messenger Voice Call and introduced himself as a manager with 16 teams and scholars. He also speaks like a professional (I have a recorded video). Seriously, I don’t know why I fell on this…but I think it is because he called me which is kinda rare on scammers and the way he talks…he is the King of Scammers.

Here are the videos, photos, and our conversation. (Google Drive Link)

I do not even think about “payment first” thing and fell on his scheme. He even asked me where do I live (I did not tell my exact address), he also asked me why I am going to sell my team…he was a like interviewing a scholar. I caught off guard, I was a fool and stupid and until now I can’t move on.

I sent 3 Axies to him through gift without receiving anything from him. After sending all three axies, he immediately blocked me. I was dumbfounded, emotionless, and speechless $900 is not a joke. Seriously, I think it is my earnings for 6 months or more. I barely save money and will be gone just because of one call. 

It is just funny that I posted this (photo below) in but ended up in being scammed after few minutes. I was referring to Christine in that post but got scammed by Mark John Merriz.


By the way, I stalked their account but I think I did not look well into it. I believed on them and got scammed, it sucks to be fool.

Here is the link where I uploaded the photos, videos, and screenshots of our conversations. Feel free to spread the link to give an awareness. 

I am also trying to find the scammer, his username in Axie is DaCallo. I hope it will be helpful. Also, if you have any idea that will make this scammer suffer, please contact me.

Here's the transaction. He used other wallet to scam and to sell his scammed axies.

For now, it is impossible to get my axies back. After monitoring his activities on Axie, I found out that my Axies were already sold and other people are currently holding them, not the scammer anymore. It really hurts, I am back to zero.

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