A Simple Review and Tutorial about #SwapSpace

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++ | 22 Jul 2021

Sending your assets in centralized exchangers will take much time just to exchange it to other coin and token. Thus, SwapSpace will help you to solve your problem with an ease.


What is SwapSpace?

Let us borrow the definition on their official website, “SwapSpace is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. Our platform allows customers to surf through all the swap offers collected from major crypto exchanges just in one place.”

It will allow you to exchange your assets with a few clicks and save your time without a hassle.

In this blog, we will discuss how to exchange your specific coin into another token; The experience made me happy to the result when I exchanged my few Bitcoin cash into USDT under the BSC.

Before we start the tutorial, let me give you a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Anything written on this blog is for educational purposes only. Everything is not a financial advice, any mistakes that you commit is not a fault of the author. Do Your Own Research.

First, you need to choose the asset that you want to convert. In my case, I used Bitcoincash and I will convert it into USDT under the BSC.


As what you can see on the photo, I choose Bitcoin cash (red box) and the other one is USDTBSC Tether BEP20 (green box)


The minimum amount to convert your BCH into USDTBSC is 0.00278145 or an approximately $1.056. Once you set it up, click the “View Offers.”


In the photo, you will see the available exchanges that you can use to exchange the pair that you want. One of their partners is FixedFloat with a 5 star and 488 reviews as of writing. Once you choose the exchanger that you want to use, click “Exchange.”


Once you clicked the exchange, you need to fill in the boxes, make sure to read the information before you put your address. In the first box, I put the USDTBSC address that I have in my non-custodial wallet.

I used non-custodial, I haven't tried the address from my Binance account or any other centralized exchanges.

The next one is your Bitcoin cash address where they can send your money as a refund if your payment doesn't successfully sent and converted.

Note: Please put the correct address, the transactions are not reversible.

Once you are done, tick the box saying that you are accepting the terms of use and privacy policy and click the word “Next.”


Lastly, you need to send the exact amount of the coin that you want to convert. Send it to the address [white box] that is given by SwapSpace, you can manually copy and paste it or click the QR code logo besides the address [red circle].

As what you can see on the right side of the screen, [green box] the status is awaiting payment. Once you send it, just wait for a few minutes until the coin arrive on your wallet.


The photo above was the transaction of Bitcoin cash that I sent to the address that they given while the two photos below were the USDTBSC that I received after a few minutes of the conversion.



Review + Conclusion

As my final review, using SwapSpace is great because they offered a lot of trusted exchanges that you can use. Also, using it will not eat much of your time plus they are not asking for any fees during the conversion.

Also, you can still exchange your coin without any hassle because you can exchange it even without an account. In my experience, I only searched their website and didn't create an account. I directly went on the process and converted my BCH into USDTBSC.

The interface is user-friendly and no other complex things where even a kid can use it. The only thing that we need to remember is be careful on sending your asset and look more than once if the address is correct because the transaction will never be reversible.

Published: July 22, 2021



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