The SmartBCH chain, $CATS, new SEP20 tokens and a mix of FOMO and HYPE

The SmartBCH chain, $CATS, new SEP20 tokens and a mix of FOMO and HYPE

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 19 Sep 2021

I started exploring the SmartBCH a week ago, while others had a headstart. I wrote an article and I organized a little giveaway, SmartBCH introduction - $CATS distribution and some gifts, and everything went crazy!

The level of participation was amazing and 207 entries were validated for the draw. A total of 207 entries across  Publish0x and ReadCash, LeoFinance and Torum for only 24 prizes! Statistically over 10% of the participants received a prize


Copy pasted all comments across all platforms in a word document and highlighted all the 0x wallets, then deleted anything else. I added 207 addresses in the spinning wheal and made the draw, and by having only smartBCH as winners, I don't have a clue who are the ones that won some $CATS. The wheal decided where the 39,000 $CATS were distributed.

1st: 1 prize of 6000 $CATS



2nd – 3 prizes of 3000 $CATS




3rd – 20 prizes of 1000 CATS






















The prizes were sent since Monday night so you can check above if you are one of the winners. Meanwhile I was amazed how the whole smartBCH tokens turned into a hype and made people go crazy over airdrops, even if most of them have low value.

This was reflected as well into the giveaway article on ReadCash , where I had 379 views and 171 comments. My average for an article is somewhere at 50-60 views and 10 comments.


The success was mirorred on Publish0x, with nearly 5 thousand views and 142 liked. I assume that the 10 people whom hit dislike are Dogecoin fans!


SmartBCH is ready for a 1v1 duel with BSC, offering the lowest fees in the Cryptoverse. Anyone remembering December 2020, when Pancake Swap entered the Binance Smart Chain and pulled the market advantage of the first entry? The same thing will happen soon on SmartBCH.

You will need SmartBCH chain set up on Metamask:

  • Go to settings > Networks > Add Network

  • Network Name: SmartBCH

  • RPC URL: or

  • Chain ID: 10000

  • Currency Symbol: BCH

  • Block Explorer URL:


The #$CATS tokens are having 1,000,000,000 total token supply and 70% of them are distributed. BenSwap DEX has 100,000,000 allocated for distribution. The token SmartBCH Contract Address is: 0x265bd28d79400d55a1665707fa14a72978fa6043

I set up SmartBCH on my Metamask and added $CATS as a custom token to make it visible in the wallet. Add the token contract address as custom token and the token symbol and token decimal fields will fill automatically.

The new projects on sBCH are constantly sharing tokens in their telegram groups or through twitter giveaways. I participated in some short meme competition just because their were meme competition not to get tokens. The competition makes it fun not the prize.

Bitcoin Cash Argentina ($ARG) had a meme competition but it ended up before I could post mine. Even so, I post it anyway and to my surprise they were nice enough to send me a consolation prize.


Bitcoin Cash Argentina 🇦🇷 see Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the solution to many of the problems with the current monetary system and the team is dedicated to promote the adoption in Argentina as a currency for daily use.

d285ef4528b82677720ebcba0aef6ca8.jpeg (K.TH) meme competition was an amalgam of memes that made no sense, and lots of cheap memes generated with a total lack of effort. Not saying that because I didn't won, but because I set my memes standard a big higher than others.

As a good will gesture they said they will send 100 $KTH to all the participants. I received my consolation prize but I heard the story of someone that asked for the prize and was kicked from the TG group!


Knuth is focusing on the implementation of the Bitcoin protocol for various solutions in software development, extra capacity and exchanges. It was designed as a full node software that can provide competitive operations for miners and mining pools, Dapps creation and full indexation for exchanges.


Every chain has its own meme tokens and if we have $CATS, a dog must be around. Shiba Inu BCH is here and smartBCH is the house of the new top dog!


The list of existing sBCH tokens can be checked here: SEP20Tokens. The list is constantly updated with the new entries.516d1173ffdcc39071b68cdba6cb53fd.jpeg

I have some $CATS, $ARG and $KTH and all were from airdrops and competitions. I didn't invested a penny and I will probably keep the zero investments rule in the future.

As SmartBCH is still in the early days, I recommend extra caution when investing. Most new tokens will have a surge in value when launched but then the market correction will make the price drop. Don't forget to DYOR!


Residual Income:

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