The Saga Genesis - Modular Bonanza And The Most Fair Token Share

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 21 May 2024

There are so many airdrops announced for 2024 that I have goosebumps! I've got Celestia, Dymension, AltLayer and some memecoins on Cosmos, but the Saga Genesis and the way they planned the airdrop was extraordinary! Saga has multiple utility, and in addition to the underlying utility of staking to secure the Saga Mainnet and paying for Chainlets, the $SAGA token represents membership into a community with a shared set of values.

Saga is that protocol that allows developers to take a single tenant VM and automatically launch it on a dedicated blockchain, complete with fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure.


Saga kickstarted the 2024 crypto airdrop season with an announcement of the airdrop criteria for innovators, builders and gamers. The genesis drop targeted loyal stakers and users of tech partners: Celestia, Polygon and Avalanche.  

Saga is a platform solution that automates the launching of dedicated blockspace, such as Cosmos appchains, Celestia Rollups, Polygon CDK chains and Avalanche Subnets. As a sign of appreciation to those projects who believed in the Saga technology and mission, certain members of the Celestia, Polygon and Avalanche communities will be receiving an airdrop of genesis $SAGA tokens.

I was eligible for 1050 $SAGA tokens, ticking the boxes for the Polygon and Celestia loyalty campaign. I've completed the $TIA tokenholder first and got 50 tokens allocation, and then got surprised when I've seen I will be getting one thousand more for being a $MATIC staker. I am staking them since 2021 and probably got an insane multiplier! 


Over 26,000 wallets from the Polygon community received $SAGA, those that had 300 $MATIC staked on the 20th of October 2023. Why did I got so much? The criteria fitted me like a glove my tokens were staked on the Polygon Foundation since 2021! 

The drop came, and the tokens where shared to all eligible addresses ... and absolute madness! Saga landed above $7 and was the record breaking launchpad on Binance! The "Man of Tomorrow" hit the jackpot! 


Even if the price started to go downhill faster than memecoins on Solana, my airdrop allocation was still valued at $7516 when checked. I decided to HODL all, as the Saga vision and roadmap will bring a cascade of other airdrops. Sent some to the alt-wallet, to make sure I will be eligible on both, and delegated to two different validators. 

When the price will pump, I can withdraw one stash and take some profits. The unstaking takes 21 days, which makes my forecast more difficult. Thank you Saga for this ... and I guarantee that my loyalty is strong! More airdrops will follow... and Saga will keep on giving!


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