The Power Of Perks Meets Customer Loyalty - Plutus x Shell

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 14 May 2024

Started using Plutus in 2022, when I embraced a new approach towards my day-to-day shopping. Why? Because I started earning 3% cashback in $PLU on absolutely every purchase and I tapped into some amazing perks! I started earning $PLU for actions that weren't rewarded until then, such as buying a coffee or doing my weekly shopping. 

Plutus offers a non-custodial card, available in the EEA, and the possibility to link personal crypto wallets like Metamask to your Plutus card. The process is completed without revealing your private keys, offering an extra layer of security. This innovative card gives control over the assets and facilitates the swap of crypto into spendable balance.  


I use the Plutus card when booking holidays, paying for flights and even when I am abroad. Why Plutus? Because I get 3% cashback on all my purchases, including riding a gondola in Venice. Yes... Plutus can be used abroad with no extra charges and the $PLU cashback keeps adding up. This is just the standard shopping reward, but the memberships also have perks that fit every individual. 


What happens when the power of Plutus perks meet customer loyalty? The answer is simple... we get better rewards! Let me explain how I am using the Shell and Plutus combo to enhance my rewards! 

I changed one of my perks to Shell, as this is the place where I am filling my car with petrol. I earn 3% in PLU for every visit, already filling the tank at a cheaper rate than usual. But it gets even better! 


Shell constantly rewards me with random rewards, such as money of fuel, free coffee or free snacks. On top of those rewards, I also enjoy member benefits... such as decent rewards for food and drinks. 

Every purchase from the petrol station gives me PLU cashback, and adds up in Shell's loyalty scheme. How does it work? I scan my card every time to collect visits and unlock rewards. 


You get money off fuel every 10 visits and even more with Shell V-Power!  I receive a guaranteed fuel reward after every 10th visit, calculated on the average of petrol paid on each visit. It's all adding up nicely, along the freebies and the 3% PLU cashback.

Are there other combos that can maximize the perks? Let me know your life hacks and help me learn even more tricks of the trade! Every little helps, as Tesco constantly reminds us! My Plutus challenge is to earn a considerable amount of PLU before the value will surge. 


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