The New Look of X-Portal from MultiversX (former Elrond)

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 7 Jun 2023

Elrond Network is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for Dapps and block-chain solutions. Elrond's Adaptive State Sharding Mechanism was designed to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed is the future of block-chain.

They rebrand into MultiversX in March, and upgraded the Maiar Wallet to X-Portal! The capital X was added to the name of every product to symbolize a multiplier, and all the existing tools will be enhanced with new functions and adapted to the new market conditions.


Maiar/X-Portal has over 1 million users, and the upgrade changed the design completely. The Launch Championship gave everyone a chance to win prizes in the raffle-style competition, but all I got was this NFT! The Gritty Summit Chaser can't even be called a common item, as I am just one of the 115,000 owners.


X-Portal looks futuristic, and has many new tools integrated in the UI. The users can access all the MultiversX tools and Dapps with a single tap, mint or buy NFTs, and participate in challenges. 

I claimed XP daily, reaching a 20 days streak, and completed two challenges. My global ranking is 50,817 and heading towards level 47! No idea what benefits will a higher level will bring, but I assume NFTs and other perks! 


One of the long awaited additions to X-Portal was the card release. User can now join the waitlist, and jump 5000 places for each friend invited. I am getting closer to my X-Portal card, with only 5,538 people ahead of me. It got crowded quickly, as over 32k users are behind me in the line.


More cool stuff on X-Portal? Users can generate AI avatars after they onboard three friends. I completed the task in a fair amount of time and generated my free set of AI avatars. 

All I had to do was to take selfies from various angles and then wait a ridiculous amount of time for the avatars to be generated! Is 81 minutes a decent wait or it's too much? 


Got a notification when all was minted on the blockchain, and only one profile picture out of five was decent. Sir PVM looks close enough to the reality, and maybe the X-Portal AI generator will get better as we embrace technological evolution. 


Completing quests brings a bit of competitive fun in the mix, as various missions must be completed to win SFT and XP points. The Young Explorer Achievement included basic tasks and the X-Portal tour. The next achievement was harder, including referrals and market transactions.


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