The Man of Tomorrow #8 - Kucoin Yearly Review

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 27 Feb 2024

The Man of Tomorrow series often presented some insights from my day-to-day life, how I spend my time, and those little motivational stories that will make you more ambitious. The last article was in January 2023 so now it's a good time to push some yearly reviews! 

I will take you on  a journey... so let's enjoy a roller-coaster of events, with achievements and with success stories. I want to push positive vibes and highlight the good stuff that happened against all odds! My daily routine is made of both small and big task, plus the constant content creation and publication of mostly crypto related articles

I said, and still think, that Kucoin will always be a second tier exchange. I can say that as I spent 2,174 days with them, as I joined before 96.24% of all current users. I am a Kucoin OG that been around since 2018 and I can honestly say that I didn't seen much changes.


I even shared seven reasons why Kucoin is not a top dog, starting with the absolute joke of a referral system. This was broken forever, and didn't received any referral bonus for over 70 P0x bros that joined. The new system added mysterious prizes but is still basic compared to other platforms.

The lending rewards are rarely above 1%, which makes me wonder if it is worth it to keep assets on Kucoin! If you are lucky enough... you may catch some good APY for particular assets. I've been fast enough to get some allocation in KCS staking 2.0 and currently enjoying 21.14% APR.

Can't remember why I have $DFI on Kucoin but who cares? I also staked HYDRA since 2022 and 28% APY is great. The issue is that HYDRA is down 99% from the value that had when I initially staked.


Kucoin will list cryptocurrency projects on the Burning Drop feature, and these new project tokens can be mined by staking $KCS tokens, USDT and ETH.  Each cryptocurrency from the above will have a different distribution coefficient at earnings, and you must be fast enough to stake before the hard cap is reached. For every staked cryptocurrency, there will be a hard cap, and also a minimum amount of funds that can be staked to mine other crypto coins.

However, the hard cap is reached in few seconds! It will fill immediately and sometimes even the time for the event is wrong. This makes me wonder if it's something dodgy with the system. In the history of the Burning Drop... I was able to join twice!

This is hilarious, as the subscription period started one hour earlier than announced! I was lucky to around and see that there were only 6 minutes left until the SUIP Burning Drop becomes active, even if the website stated a different time. Same scenario the second time, as I accidentally notice the SCPT Burning Drop is scheduled in one hour.

I managed to stake 23 KCS and received 182 SUIP, and sold them for more KCS.  I still hold the $SCPT I've received, as the value is under 30 cents. The Burning Drop is elitist and it doesn't give a fair chance to all users. Compared to the Binance Launchpool and Launchpad... this is extremely poor.


None of the Kucoin new highlighted listings managed to maintain a decent value. Some listings are covered in announcements and the users are stressed with emails and pop-up notifications, only to generate HYPE. I got a fair share of IHC, OLE, WELL, PMON and HOTCROSS ... and watched all drop to all-time lows. . 

I totally agree that volatility is high when new tokens are listed, but this is far from transparent. It looks like a game for whales, and pump & dump every single time. I will compare again with Binance, where tokens are listed with the precision of Swiss watches and the "dump" is not that accelerated. This makes me wonder if the issue is with the tokens chosen for listing by Kucoin and not with the listing method.

The same shady stuff with events, as the rewards are not good enough! Would you join the Kucoin P2P 2024 Gathering and seize the opportunity to earn up to... 10 USDT? Listen to this... this is a fantastic opportunity to earn "up to 10 USDT"! Basically you could earn less as the maximal prize is not guaranteed!  


The Kucoin report said my trading volume in 2023 was 5,130 USD, and I've generated 2,007 USDT in earnings. This sounds amazing, but I highly doubt it as all I've done in here was to withdraw AMPL from Publish0X and exchange for more useful tokens.

If they say I am ahead of 69.82% of the Kucoin users when it comes to trading ... I feel cold. I know I never traded that much, which is obvious from the monthly trading chart.


I traded on Kucoin only in four months, mostly selling AMPL and TIA. I bought some KCS sometimes but that's far from the $5000 trading volume they say I've done in 2023. Let's roll with another successful year! 

It looks like TIA, USDC and SUI are my favorite coins of 2023! Why? Because I sold 127 $TIA when I've got the airdrop, at a price much lower than the current value. Sold more than half of the airdrop when the price was under 6 dollars, then sent that USDC to for daily spending and bills.

The Man Of Tomorrow hates lazy crypto! The Man Of Tomorrow uses Kucoin just because Binance has no earning opportunities for UK based users. 


Residual Income:

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card / 

Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash 

Creators bundle: Publish0xHive & Presearch

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