The Man Of Tomorrow #11 - $PLU Bonanza And Strategies For A Better Plutus Experience

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 16 Apr 2024

Plutus offers a non-custodial card, available in the EEA, and the possibility to link personal crypto wallets like Metamask to your Plutus card. The process is completed without revealing your private keys, offering an extra layer of security. This innovative card gives control over the assets and facilitates the swap of crypto into spendable balance.  

Why Plutus? Because I get 3% cashback on all my purchases, including riding a gondola in Venice. Yes... Plutus can be used abroad with no extra charges and the $PLU cashback keeps adding up. This is just the standard shopping reward, but the memberships also have perks that fit every individual. 


Some changes in subscriptions and reward levels were implemented on the 22nd of January, with a vision for a fair-value subscription plan. The changes will lower requirements and increase participation in Reward Levels, while regulating emissions and improving the distribution of rewards. Read all about here: Plutus 2024 - Updates, Subscriptions And Reward Levels

I was waiting for the right time to order my new Plutus card, and must say I was impressed by the delivery time. Ordered the card and arrived faster than the estimated delivery time. The confirmation email said will take 2-4 weeks and I received it in less than a week.

The Plutus card works for me, activating the power of 3% in crypto on everyday spending. I used the virtual card for few months, and wasn't too bad... but nothing beats flipping the card at the supermarket!  


Well... something beats flipping the card at the supermarket! Using Plutus straight from Google Pay! I was waiting for this upgrade for months, as did everyone else, and I was fortunate that UK was one of the first countries to have it available.

Went straight to Tesco to buy ingredients for a badass curry and paid contactless with my phone. Plutus is getting better and better! 


Do you know a gondola ride in Venice is €2? Not the fancy canal tours... just to cross over! Do you know some gondoliers also have POS? Do you know I paid with Plutus and got cashback?  No fees for using it in Italy and that sweet 3% cashback on pizza, pasta, gelato and Birra Moretti! This is the way! 


More top updates? All new UK Plutus customers who signed up on or after January 31st can now set up a Direct Debit using their sort code and account number at a third-party service provider. Moreover, an upcoming reward management tool will offer all UK Plutus customers the means to manage and earn rewards on their Direct Debits.

Annual subscriptions have landed! You can enjoy two months free by switching to an annual Plutus subscription. I will consider this as will save convenience and money. Let's have a cold one for events and even more $PLU from perks! 

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