The first 100 days - Hot summer with

The first 100 days - Hot summer with

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 11 Oct 2021

At the end of August I completed my first 100 days of usage. Was a good journey and you will never think that 1% is something that can help you earn until your realize how much you spend in a month. 

One Month with - Opportunities everywhere!

The first month was a long wait for the physical card and only two online transactions with my virtual card.  I received 206 CRO sign-up bonus and 12 CRO cashback. I bought some $CRO and added all into the Supercharge pool to earn $SHIBA.

7cb409c349476a751f1fd1492413e45eb73b928ce9efac84b08da472c7b1694f.jpg - Month two and a physical card to abuse

My $CRO stash grew once the physical card arrived and the July spending spree made me reach 490 CRO, approximately $66 at the time of the printscreen.  The $CRO value improved over the summer and I kept staking into the Supercharger Pools! I started using the card for most of my shopping and online transactions. Spending on groceries and bills is now more efficient and the cashback amount improved a lot.


The first 100 days - review!

You never stop learning! I had no clue that the Supercharge rewards were distributed into the Exchange until a P0x colleague told me. Until then I was thinking that my staked amount was too low to receive a reward. The Shiba Inu Supercharge reward was 1,399,180 $SHIB, valued at approximately 10 USD at that time. Meanwhile, SHIBA surged in value and the tokens are now worth 37 dollars. 


As the $CRO accumulated, I decided to make an upgrade and staked 2578 tokens to upgrade my cashback from 1% to 2%. The rest was kept in the Supercharge campaigns, and earned Bitcoin (£BTC), $BOSON and $EFI. I swapped the Shiba Inu into Stellar Lumens ($XLM) so I can send them with ultra low fees and I will move the Bitcoin earnings free of charge to the app. The $BOSON and $EFI campaigns where short and the rewards where lower then the Bitcoin Supercharge. The newest campaign is for Axie Infinity and the rewards distribution was delayed. 


Crypto Earn - Bitcoin 

I locked 0.011 Bitcoin for 3 months and I earned $4 worth of BTC, which I locked again in a 3-months term. The small earnings will keep growing the $BTC holding until I will want to use them somewhere else.



Am I happy after 100 days of using Yes I am, because I am earning crypto for something that I was doing anyway!  The raise of cashback will be visible over the next months, and more important when doing big spending for holidays or the festive period. As they say at Tesco ... every little helps!


Residual Income:


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