The Divine Creature Initial NFT Offering (INO) starts today!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 24 Jan 2022

I wrote about Divine Creature DAO - The Initial NFT Offering, the Divine Path and the Charity Legacy one week ago and highlighted the innovative method chosen for the presale of the $EGIS token. The token allocation will be linked to the Initial NFT Offering (INO), where all the crypto enthusiasts will be able to bid on NFTs that will grant $EGIS allocation during the presale.

Thereforem the token presale is wrapped into a NFT auction, making the Divine Creatures launching dynamics both fair and efficient. The whole collection of 750 hand drawn NFTs with unique variances will be auctioned. Every NFT comes with a pegged token allocation for the $EGIS pre-sale and a chance to win more allocation or even tokens at the lottery!


The number of auctioned NFTs was increased by 250, from the initial 500 announced, and IT'S STARTS IN FEW HOURS!!!! The auction for God Tier NFTs starts today (24.01.2022) at 4 PM UTC!

The participants can chose the NFT tier that suits them most and bid $FTM to win it. Each NFT comes with additional boosts staking and bonding rewards, depending on the NFT rarity. The God Tier NFTs will boost both staking and bonding rewards with 5%, the Deity Tier NFTs will boost the staking  with 2.5% and bonding rewards with 5%, while the Demigod Tier NFTs will boost only the bonding rewards with 2.5%. Chose wisely and may the gods guide your DeFi journey!


There are 10 God, 200 Deity and 540 Demigod NFTs - with different starting bid and allocation size. The starting bid for God Tier NFTs is set at 4,200 FTM, and will each NFT will be pegged to a maximum allocation of 4,200 $EGIS. The starting bid for the Deity Tier NFTs is set at 420 $FTM, while the Demigod Tier NFTs are starting from 125 $FTM. The tier system makes it affordable for every crypto enthusiast, and gods diversification makes a more person centered auction. From Thor, Aphrodite, Ra, Amaterasu, Ganesh and Svarog ... who's your favorite god?


Why Initial NFT offering? The INO makes it fair for all the participants by eliminating the biggest flaw of presales: 1st come - 1st served! The divine NFT and the lottery are coming as extra benefits for the fair launch. The Divine Creature NFT Auction will have a beneficial impact on the world of tomorrow, donating 10% of the profit generated by the NFT auction to the Global Heritage Fund. 


The Godlike NFT auction starts in few hours, so prepare your $FTM and get ready to party with the gods! Bid for divine NFTs, get pre-sale allocation and be part of a more sustainable world by supporting indirectly the Global Heritage Fund!

  • 24th of Jan at 4 PM UTC: Start of NFT auction God Tier
  • 25th of Jan at 4 PM UTC: Start of NFT auction Deity Tier
  • 27th of Jan at 4 PM UTC: Start of NFT auction Demigod Tier    

Divine bounties are set for next month, with the NFT lottery draw planned for 1st of February and the token pre-sale going live on the 2nd of February at 4 PM UTC. 


Divine Creatures DAO Social Media Links: 

Twitter: DCreaturesDAO

Discord: Divine Creatures

Medium: DivineCreatures

Divine Creatures LinkTree

The Initial NFT Offering, the Divine Path and the Charity Legacy


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