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School boy error: A guide on how to lose $300 BUSD

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 21 Jan 2021

Let's start with a question... guess who's been an idiot last night?


Even if you are in the game for years, you can still do stupid mistakes in a split of a second. The crypto life is ruthless and cruel and has no sympathy for the weak.

Least week I participated to a meme competition organised by Ditto Money and somehow I won it! The first prize was $250, and is the biggest amount I won from memes.

The money was sent few hours after the announcement. I seen no point to keep the money lazy and I decided to send them to Celsius for a 10.51% APY. I had $50 BUSD in there from a previous competition so I decided to send $300 in total. 

Is recommended to avoid trades and transactions when being tired, and above all, to double check the wallet you sending to. To send the BUSD to Celsius, they had to leave my BSC wallet to Binance and then to Celsius. Because my computer time got lower due to my son's home schooling so recently I do most of my activities on my mobile.

I had both addresses copied and ready for the transaction. By the look of it, the "copy" didn't really copied the Binance address and I pasted the previously copied address, which was the Celsius BUSD wallet. School boy error by not double checking the destination. And this is how I sent $300 BUSD to nowhere. Here is the transaction


and hope someone smarter then me knows a solution for this. I already contacted Celsius but I think the ball is not in their field!

Things are going quite bad lately which makes me fell pessimistic and accept the idea that they are gone forever.

Making money by doing memes ... than becoming a meme. Such a cruel life!

Keep safe! Keep positive! Always double check the destination wallet!


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