Punkz Hero Summer Tournament - Play2Earn And Summer Postcards

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 21 Aug 2023

Punkz Hero is powered by PKZ tokens, minted on TokenMint. The game is available on PipeFlare, a play2earn crypto gaming platform, where the players can play, collect free tokens, claim airdrops and earn rewards through the referral program.

The game is one of the early members of the extended Horizen family, and more Dapps will soon follow. The Punkz Hero community is vibrant, with events and gaming tournaments being organized regularly.

Our latest gaming tournament and community led party had a summer theme, when the punkz were invited to play2earn and design summer postcards. 


The $PKZ tokens can be earned only by playing Punkz Hero on PipeFlare, or through events organized by the community. The scarcity of the token makes it special, and different than other memecoins. It was extra utility, as it can be used to buy special NFTs from PipeFlare. Have you joined our Punkz Space Summer Party?


The PipeFlare Punkz Hero competition challenged the punkz to play for 30 minutes and obtain a higher place in the leaderboard. The special event had unlimited lives, perpetually adding the points obtained in the charts.

The character added for MayTheForth was still available and just to make you laugh .... I just discovered you can shoot peaches into your enemies! I never knew this and looked silly during the live play! Who said you can't teach new tricks to an old dog?


We had the highest attendance so far, with 21 punkz battling for the top places. PipeFlare special tournaments made sharing the prizes easy, as the top five players will receive their share of $PKZ without any extra actions, straight into their account. 

I finished 19th and I had to bow for the master gamers like RGH_CB, Gruyerman, meta_a+hzlj and Shadow_Bane! It's not like I don't like the game, but I am so lame at double-jump and keep failing the levels! 


The crypto related quiz was hard, and all I could do was to keep close to the podium. RGH_CB finished top on the leaderboard, and was the first time ever when the same punk won both events. We had 13 participants in total, a decent amount considering it's summer and everyone is chilling in holidays!


We concluded the community-led party with Punkz Postcards, sharing summer vibes to everyone! Wish you where here... said this punk farmer! Wish you could bring your tractor and enjoy a day in the sun! Play Punkz Hero, earn $PKZ ... but don't forget to touch some grass! 


Earn $PKZ from events and parties! There are monthly Punkz Hero Tournaments, weekly $PKZ drops, speed-runs, quizzes and monthly tokens shared for community members and players. The monthly amount of $PKZ is 32,000,000, and a total of 384,000,000 to be shared in 2023. Let me drop some spoilers... more $PKZ and more parties are planned this year, and you are invited!


Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who Worlds Apart

Get Plutus Card - 3% cashback on everything + Perks 

CEXs and DEXs: OKX / Biswap / Binance / Crypto.com / 

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash,  GlobalHive ZCash & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xHive/Leo,  readcashLBRY & Presearch


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