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Premier League Fantasy Football League - Round 10 Highlights and achievements

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 3 Nov 2021

The 10th round of the Premier League Fantasy Football 2021 - 2022 played over the weekend.

Arsenal obtained a great win away at Leicester in the first game of the round. Saturday continued with surprises, as Liverpool drew at home against Brighton and Manchester City lost against Crystal Palace.

Manchester United won 3-0 at Spurs and made Nuno Santos jobless. Tottenham appointed Antonio Conte as the new manager.

Round 10 concluded Monday with a well deserved win for Wolves, against Everton.


Updates, rules and prizes

Updates will be posted on ReadCash so will be a good idea to join... but it's not mandatory. The noise channel will be used for updates and general chat. If you are not using yet you should know is like Twitter but on steroids!

You will need a Bitcoin Cash wallet to receive the prize if you finish the season on the top positions and you need to tell me who you are on read or noise so I can tag you.

The manager of the month will be rewarded with $1 worth of BCH so everyone has a chance to earn some Bitcoin Cash if will be the leader of the league when the month ends. The Christmas bonus is $5 worth of BCH for the manager who will be top of the league on the 25th of December.

August MoM : @Panky

Sptember MoM: @merurial9

October MoM: @bmjc98

November MoM: ????


@bmjc98  is the League Treasurer and she is in charge of the wallet where the prize money will be held. The prize allocation will be discussed at one point and some initial stats and percentages will be shared with the participants. The current value of the prize pool is 95.16 USD at the time of writing.

Half of the tips from this article will be sent to the #Club1BCH Fantasy Football Wallet, including the tips from Rusty! If you want to support the competition feel free to contribute:



We have 100 managers registered with the league and @merurial9 is 25 points ahead.

I feel is the right moment to announce some approximately prizes, based on the current value of the prize pool. As it stands, 20 out of 100 managers will be awarded a prize. Those that will finish the League between 11th and 20th place will be tipperd $1 and the prizes will increase as it follows:

10th place: $2

9th place: $3

8th place: $4

7th place: $5

6th place: $6

5th place: $7

4th place: $8

3rd place: $10

2nd place: $15

And the winner of the Premier League Fantasy Football will receive $20

My current position is 72 and I will definitely struggle to reach the top 20% of the players. My team is performing awful and in Round 10 I accumulated only 48 points. From the total, Ronaldo, Salah and Guaita generated 29 points.


Are you ready for Round 11? It will start on Friday with Southampton v Aston Villa. The Manchester derby is the big game of the weekend, and we will see if the town is red or blue! The round will conclude on Sunday with West Ham versus Liverpool.


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