PolkaVerse Merges With GrillApp To Create The SubSocial SuperApp

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 19 Mar 2024

I joined PolkaVerse few weeks ago because PV sounds a lot like PVM! I thought about joining for several days, as I wasn't sure if I was ready for a new adventure... but finally took a leap of faith!

The web3 DApp was leveraging Subsocial's decentralized social networking protocol and a democratic community free from irrelevant information and tech giants' censorship.

The #1 decentralized social network for Polkadot and Kusama helps content creators to build and own Web3 networks, and reward authors for their activity. Didn't had time to get used with PolkaVerse UI as big changes where implemented. The Subsocial ecosystem has been steadily moving towards the full release of Subsocial’s super-app, which will combine all of Subsocial’s functionality into one seamless user experience. You can now earn even from chats!

The initial launch of Grill merged the popular Web3 chat application with the $SUB locking management system from Sub.Id in preparation for everything to be combined in the upcoming super-app. Additionally, PolkaVerse was tied into, in order to leverage its advanced login functionality.

As more creators and users onboard to PolkaVerse, they deserve the full range of options, such as logging in via X or Metamask. Pretty soon, the full functionality of PolkaVerse will be merged into Grill turning it into the Subsocial super-app! We all love superapps! 

As the ecosystem prepares to onboard many more users and creators, it is vitally important that they receive the smoothest introduction possible, which means allowing new users to log in with their wallet of choice, or with their X account.

While this has not been possible with PolkaVerse’s previously outdated tech, by merging the PolkaVerse platform into Grill it gains access to our up-to-date login flow. Following this merge, everyone can now log in and start posting with their Polkadot or EVM wallets, or X account!


What's my story? Joined before Valentine's Day and started building a legacy on PolkaVerse. I posted, chatted and engaged with the vibrant community... and I started earning $SUB tokens. Yes crypto bro... creators are able to earn rewards for producing content, and also others are rewarded for curating and interacting with their favorite pieces of content.

This is possible through content staking, the tool that aims to grow the user and content base of Subsocial through incentives. Locking at least 2,000 SUB will allow you to like posts, support your favorite creators, and earn even more SUB! Basically.... you can earn rewards by creating good posts, comments, and shares that other users like.

To maximize your rewards, make sure to like at least 10 posts per day. The more SUB you lock, the more rewards you will get. Keep active and enjoy the rewards on a weekly basis, distributed every Monday for the previous week.

First impression matters and I must say I was welcomed with open arms. It was good to see some familiar faces, as I started to build the PVM brand on a new place. I love the daily-updated leaderboard, and I was surprised to be on the 7th place one of those days. 


At the heart of this progressive move to Grill is the vision of a unified Subsocial, with all of the functionality available on one platform, providing users with a seamless experience.

In essence, Grill represents more than just a platform — it embodies a vision of the next era of Subsocial, an era of simplicity, and growth. The smooth design and updates let you know each day how much $SUB you earned as a staker and as a creator. Keep sharing them as this posts create some good engagement. 


Without any further delay...  join and give Grill a follow! I am still a rookie, with only 20 followers. However, I decided to split my activity into two... and I created the Cryptoverse Explorers space. Anyone who follows this space is able to post articles in there, and enjoy the support of other top creators.

From all my content, 99% is crypto related! The 1% is random stuff from my travels, and my cooking experiments. I was surprised by the huge impact my cooking posts have created, and some top rewards. The article with the best engagement so far was "Is it possible to make healthy deep fried chicken kieves?"

This post generated 521 $SUB from the 22 diamond votes received. The next best-rewarded posts were also cooking or travelling articles, which makes me doubt my success as a crypto content creator.


I wanted to review my experience after one month, but I am doing it after four weeks! Why? Because the Grillrewards are  shared every Monday, and four weeks will offer a more accurate analysis. 

I started with 1,118 $SUB in my first week, then published some strong articles about food. The gourmet community appreciated them and reached my highest weekly earnings on the second week, with 3,237 $SUB generated. Small decline in week three as I was away in Venice, and 1,374 $SUB done last week. 

The 4th week numbers are lower just because it was when the Grill was launched, and many updates and downtime happened. I am more than pleased with 8,534 $SUB earned in my first month, considering it was a leap of faith into the unknown. 


The 8,534 $SUB generated from content were not the only tokens I earned on Grill. Told you already that locking at least 2,000 SUB will allow you to like posts, support your favorite creators, and earn even more SUB... so you can be a reader and still earn.

Make sure to like at least 10 posts per day, and the staking rewards will be added. My total reached 36.17 $SUB with the minimal staking, and I plan to boost the amount soon. How? The more SUB you lock... the more rewards you will get!

The $SUB I earned so far is borrowed at the moment, as I onboarded two frens' on Grill, but all the earnings I will do in March will be staked. The goal is to double or triple the amount of staked $SUB, and see how much the weekly reward will grow.

Will take a while to create a large base of fallowers but Rome wasn't built in a day! If you are joining... let's chat and don't forget to post your quality crypto article in the Cryptoverse Explorers space. 

The "'Cryptoverse Explorers"' are here to take you on a journey! They will explore the blockchain and share their amazing experience! From Modular Chains to Layer2s ... here is the place to enhance your crypto knowledge!


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