PipeFlare Expansion On Aurora and More Crypto Opportunities

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 31 Oct 2023

PipeFlare is the largest casual play-to-earn gaming platform, and a top place to earn some crypto. There are currently has 16 play-to-earn games on PipeFlare, with a target of 30 by the end of the year. Yes... it's the home of PunkzHero and the ZEC fountain! 

The gamers can win amazing prizes, with weekly competitions that rewards the best players with over $2,000, each and every week of the year. PipeFlare works with independent game developers around the globe to help them launch and monetize games to a global community.

I am using PipeFlare since 2021, but not for play2earn! I am claiming 1FLR, ZEC, and MATIC on a daily basis, plus earning a nice slice of crypto from referrals or airdrops.


The user's experience was gamified, and the activity will take you from the Beginner level ... all the way to the Champion status. The journey starts at Level 1, steadily growing through the ranks.   As you climb, you'll unlock new games, extended play time, more faucet and bigger perks. The leveling will reward the gamer with access to new faucets, gems, access to the 28-days streak rewards and extended gameplay. 

I reached Apprentice status after staking over 3000 1FLR tokens and completing game challengers, receiving a new set of rewards. My Faucet Multiplier was increased to 1.05x, I received 3 Pyro's Gems, access to the 1FLR faucet and 4 hours of gaming each day.   

The goal is to reach Champion, for 15% Leaderboard Rewards Multiplier and 3% staking bonus.  The PipeFlare Champion comes with 8 Pyro's Gems, 2 Crystals, 3 Skill Tree Points and ...   Unlimited Gameplay Hours Per Game


The new 2FLR faucet was added and activated in the summer, with the assistance of Aurora Pass. Users can navigate the process seamlessly and without incurring any transaction fees, taking advantage of 50 free transactions each month.   

PipeFlare's 2FLR token is the new in-game token designed to streamline your gaming experience. This token is a convenient form of in-game currency which can be used across all game on PipeFlare, being compatible with all the games.  You can use them to purchase items, characters, and boosts in compatible games.

Getting 2FLR tokens is as simple as playing and winning in your favorite games. Also, you can purchase 2FLR with 1FLR, complete PipeFlare Daily Challenges, use free daily spins, and participate in the 28-Day Streak Rewards.


The reward system was enhanced since the 1st of September, adding a more structured experience for everyone. The updated faucet claim has different cryptocurrency allocated to certain days, as it follows: 

  • Monday: ZEC Faucet
  • Tuesday: MATIC Faucet
  • Wednesday: 1FLR Faucet
  • Thursday: ZEC Faucet
  • Friday: MATIC Faucet
  • Saturday: 1FLR Faucet
  • Sunday: ZEC, MATIC, and 1FLR Faucet

The 2FLR faucet will be available on a weekly basis, and from time to time free spins will pop-up for active users. I received 25 spins in October, and rolled the wheel for top prizes.  


I've been an OG on PipeFlare, and this is reflected in my referral dashboard. I onboarded 501 users, and 393 of them are still active, earning a nice bunch of $ZEC.

PipeFlare has an amazing tier-4 system, and you keep earning rewards from the referrals of your referrals, and the referrals of your referral referrals! It's crazy! The total users invited trough all four tiers is approaching 3000, while the lifetime rewards from referrals only passed 5 ZEC and bags of 1FLR tokens. 


Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who Worlds Apart

Get Plutus Card - 3% cashback on everything + Perks 

CEXs and DEXs: OKX / Biswap / Binance / Crypto.com / 

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash,  GlobalHive ZCash & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xHive/Leo,  readcashLBRY & Presearch


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