Optimism Bonanza - 11.7 Million $OP Tokens For 300,000 Unique Wallets

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 24 Feb 2023

Optimism is a Layer-2 scaling solution that derives its’s name from its underlying technology, the Optimistic Rollup. The Optimism Network brings fast and cheap, while maintaining the primary security of the Ethereum network. Basically Optimism is scaled Ethereum with low-cost lightning-fast transactions.


The Optimism blockchain was the first EVM-equivalent Layer-2, which means it’s compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine at the deepest level. When the first OP airdrop was announced, I didn't give it much importance as I had zero interactions with Optimism. However, I checked and I was eligible! 

DeFi chads received $OP tokens for DAO activity! Upon checking, I was surprised to see that I  also eligible for the airdrop and 271.83 OP tokens were waiting to be claimed!


I decided to HODL and delegated my voting power to someone dude that will promote NFTs, marketplaces and support NFT projects in the Optimism space. I thought that selling $OP tokens under one dollar will be a big mistakes and said pass to a small bag of money! 


I will not slack on Optimism, and my target is to explore the opportunities and earn more OP in the following months.

The above sentence is from one of my articles from August 2022! I didn't slack and I didn't miss the opportunity! The first step was to farm OP tokens on Pool Together, where 450,000 OP tokens are allocated as rewards for poolers. 

And then .... February 2023 ... 11,700,000 $OP tokens were shared to over 300,000 unique wallets! The OP Airdrop #2 focused on rewarding positive-sum governance participation and power the Optimism Mainnet users. 

Remember nerds: hard work eventually pays off, so keep building with us for a better tomorrow. 


The $OP Airdrop #2 didn't required a claiming process, as the tokens were sent straight into the wallets of the users that delegated their tokens. I was smart not to sell and I was even smarter to delegate my $OP tokens. There were tow criteria and some multipliers that enhanced the drop ... have delegated the voting power of their OP tokens and/or have spent more than $6.10 on gas (the average cost of a transaction on L1 Ethereum) on Optimism since May 2022.

The bonus attributes were Substantial delegation (delegated 272 OP for ≥ 200 days), Gas guzzler (spent more than $20 on L2 gas since May 31 2022), Consistent Optimist (used an application on OP Mainnet in six different months since May 31 2022) and Active delegator (had ≥ 20 OP delegated at the date of snapshot) One bonus category gave 1.05x, two categories gave 1.10x, three 3 categories gave 1.50x and ticking the boxes for the four categories maximized the airdrop by 2.00x.

No idea about my multipliers and bonuses but I was happy to find 133.9 $OP tokens in my wallet! I said 2023 will be good ... I said I will go Beast Mode! Not I got extra ... optimistic! 


Let's do a simple exercise to see why I decided to change my delegation for PoolCollective/PoolTogheter! I started earning $OP on PoolTogether last year in August, and farmed them on a weekly basis. The value of both airdrops summed up 405.75 $OP and my current balance is 479 tokens! 

This means that I farmed 73 OP tokens in the last six months for being a pooler. Now is my turn to select PoolCollective and let them make governance decisions on my behalf. 


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