NFT Breaking News #21 - Coming back with Crackers Christmas advent calendar

NFT Breaking News #21 - Coming back with Crackers Christmas advent calendar

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 29 Nov 2021

The last episode of NFT Breaking News was published on the 3rd of October, exactly 2 months ago! I was "missing in action" for 60 days but I wasn't ... in fact I was busier then ever, writing and spreading my tentacles in various NFT related projects. 

I was on the NFT Circus Livestream and talked about OG NFT people, what's new and how the NFT world can keep up with the ever-changing demand.

Before I even start talking about NFTs, lets talk about the $WAXP price! Have you seen WAX going close to $1? This is closer to the tokens real value and shows again that NFTs are not a bubble! Let's enjoy the ride! 


One of the topics was "The Metaverse" and the growing trend of NFT powered games. Do you play UPLIFT? Are you a huge NFT fan? If the answer to both questions is yes ... then head over and check the amazing TUB Gallery on the Uplift Genesis Map 3950 x 4250! 


You will be able to admire a top collection of NFTs from various artists and to be surprised I made it into the Metaverse. PVM is there... hanging on a wall and you can see him @TUB Gallery on the Uplift Genesis Map 3950 x 4250! 


My Non-Fungible quest expanded to new chains and new platforms, adding more NFTs in my collection. I got this rare Harley Quinn from the DC event and will stay there until it will be extra valuable. 


You know already Crackers and his #MeetTheArtist series, and probably you have many NFTs from his articles and giveaways. Is no secret that I "blame" him for the links with the NFT world and for introducing me to many NFT artists.  This guy has interviewed over 200 NFT Artists and published great articles about them both on Publish0x and ReadCash!


This story is about Crackers and one of his great ideas! This story is about an advent calendar that brings the ultimate satisfaction. You don't have to search it in dozens of shops as this advent calendar is available on Nefty Blocks. Get the perfect gift for Christmas...  a calendar that will drop NFTs from 25 well known artists!  The $10 price is a real bargain ... making the price of each NFT under $0.5 per piece. 

The first top thing is this Promo made for this #NFTBreakingNews issue, which if almost free to claim! Claim Promo 3 here!


Right so this all came from an idea I came up with when I was out shopping with my girlfriend and we were looking for advent calendars and it came to me why not do a multi artist NFT . So I tweeted out . I was looking for artists and I got alot of interest from artist who has done meet the artists and even artists who havent done it . But I was happy to put in any artist who wanted to be involved as its for the community a way of saying thank you - Crackers 

The price is set at $10, regardless the WAX fluctuations. I totally agree that ten dollars for an advent calendar featuring 31 artists is a good value for money.

The drops will start on the 1st of December with top NFTs from DPIGEONSNFTBlockchainCard, DaggaArt, unaxxgameCartoon_Family1, TheVooDoods and TokenGirlsLV

Week two has power drops.... as the top NFTartists humbledrawing, RadOntarian, amorscash, @SnkrsWaxAvatarFolkNFTs, cryptoswatches and CurrentXChange will drop gifts straight into the holders WAX wallets. 


My man ArtistByron is planned for the 3rd week of December, along with great art from MORBS15RomanPunksNFT, Ein_Art2000, tidbyts, Themellobuilder and TerrorCards

The show is not over as the last week will bring two drops a day. MarcusNft and @NFTAlleyCat on the 22nd of December, CryptoPenguin10 and bretblackberg on the 23rd of the month, and anyobservation plus ParrotfishJ for Christmas Eve! It had to be a derpy cat for Christmas day... .you can't beat thederpycats drop and a nice wrapped gift from neftyblocks!



I will always lead by example and this is why I bought my calendar nice and early... proud owner of mint #1 


As an extra, I will always enhance the offer when helping a friend. This is why I will throw a pyro zickle from my own collection if you bought the calendar after reading my article. Just paste the transaction and your wax for validation.


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