My Neighbor Alice Game, ALICE token and the Binance Launchpool

My Neighbor Alice Game, ALICE token and the Binance Launchpool

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 10 Mar 2021

My Neighbor Alice

The main page of the game starts with this quote but have no clue who said it as no reference was added

It’s not just a game for blockchain players. But it is a game that will introduce  blockchain to millions of players

I didn't knew this game existed before it was added to Binance Launchpool, and the announcement made me to some research. My Neighbor Alice is another blockchain game where players can buy, own and build on their virtual island. It is a multiplayer game that created a hybrid environment for gamers and NFT traders and collectors.

The game have tools and features which will personalize the gameplay experience. The player will use his avatar to interact with others and can modify it by adding assets to it. The Virtual Islands can be bought from Alice or the Market and each island is written in the blockchain as a tradable NFT token. The Island can be customized with structures, animals or decorations. All the above actions are done with the help of the ALICE token, the main currency in the game.  


I browsed the whitepaper for some useful information and I found out that the game targets young people between 18 and 39 years old. It was created as a casual-core game for both male and female players. Geographically, is expected to have more players in North America, Europe and the Eastern part of Asia. The game type will appeal upper and middle class individuals due to the in-game monetization system. The sandbox model will engage and promote creativity and communication, as educational features are added in the game. Players can use them to learn economy and software development. 

The players can stake tokens and receive rewards, use the NFTs as collateral and even rent land to other players in the ecosystem. The land can be customized and the NFTs are locked in smart contracts and the borrower cannot sell or burn the asset. 


Binance Launchpool

You will need an active Binance account to use the Launchpool features. If you don't have one feel free to use my referral link: Create a Binance account!


Binance Launchpool welcomed My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) as the 18th project to join the platform. Three different pools are available for staking, between the 10th of March and 8th of April. Binance users can stake Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD) and Chromia (CHR) and farm ALICE.    The Launchpool will distribute 3,000,000 ALICE tokens from the 100,000,000 total token supply. The ALICE token will be listed into the Binance Innovation Zone on the 15th of February at 6:00 AM (UTC) with Bitcoin, Binance USD and Tether trading pairs.  


The majority of the tokens will be distributed by the Binance Coin (BNB) pool, where 70% (2,100,000 ALICE) of the allocated tokens will be shared. The Binance USD will distribute 20% (600,000) of the allocated tokens and the Chromia (CHR) will share the remaining 300,000.

The farming period is split into two stages. From the 10th of March up to the 14th of March, the farming rate will be enhanced at 300,000 tokens per day. Starting with 15th of March until the end of the farming period, only 60,000 ALICE tokens will be shared each day.


Alice farming rewards  will be calculated hourly, and the balance will be updated accordingly. Users can claim it or let it stack until the end of the farming period, when the staked assets and any unclaimed rewards will be transferred in the SPOT wallet.

My experience

I don't feel any special vibes regarding this projects, and this doesn't look as appealing as ALPHA, REEF or Litentry. I will farm ALICE until the listing into the Innovation Zone and I will than decide if I will sell or hold for longer.

All my Binance USD is now staked on Cub Finance, farming CUB tokens at insane rates. I have no Chromia tokens therefore all my ALICE farming will happen in the Binance Coin Pool. This is the best option as 70% of the tokens will be distributed here. I withdraw the BNB from the Vault to add them in the pool! 


I added all the BNB in the pool last night,  49 minutes before the farming went live. This way I will earn ALICE immediately after the pool will go live. 


From midnight until 8 AM, therfore in 8 hours, I farmed 0.3984 ALICE. As a basic forecast, approximately 1.2 ALICE tokens will be farmed today,  if the farming rate stays the same.



Residual Income:

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