My May Monthly Money Making - Publish0x leading the Harvest!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 14 Jun 2021

April's crypto income was a banger, thanks to the $FORTH airdrop, summing up $12,403 of crypto related income! May came with one of the biggest market correction in years, and I must admit I was seeing the 2017 crush again. My portfolio dropped by 65% compared to the peak and is still bleeding.


In May, the top income came from memes, followed by the earnings obtained from blogging and content creation. Managed to win some giveaways, to get the usual staking rewards and to earn enough to mark the month as satisfactory! I never came with a report so late but I got lazy and tired! Something was wrong with the earnings table as the amounts where not adding up. My total May income was $3191


1. Harvest Finance $1273

The $FARM APY was the lowest I ever seen, dipping as low as 20% but I was able to farm $212 worth of FARM. I took advantage of the Binance Smart Chain side of the Farm and staked all my CAKE, Binance USD and Venus (XVS). May's staking reward on BSC was 1.4 bFARM, 30 BUSD and 54.7 CAKE, adding up to $1061


2. Memes: $650

A Meme Lord never retires... a Meme Lord never stops fighting. I heard the Drums of War banging in the distance and I answer the call. APWine was gathering all meme creators to the biggest meme competition ever ... the DeFi Meme Decathlon. Ten projects competed during phase one, and only one meme was accepted for each project, making the competition as hard as the life in Sparta. PVM put on the dusty battlegear and made place for Triple M. I summited one entry for each project, even if some memes were done and added in a rush, just minutes before the deadline. However, my effort was rewarded with a 3rd prize for Babylon Finance and a 3rd prize for Archer DAO. The reward was $300 APWine tokens, 50 ArcherDAO tokens and 50 USDC. Have a look at all my meme submissions in the full article: AP Wine and the DeFi Meme Decathlon

My involvement with Index Coop and the creation of articles, memes and Twitter awarness was rewarded with $250 worth of INDEX tokens. With a bigger stash, I got more involved into voting in snapshots and being even more active then before.


3. Publish0x:  $373.12

Even if I struggled with time, work related issues and personal issues, I still managed to write and publish everyday! I won the first place at the Harvest Finance writing competition and two secondary prizes, adding $125 worth of iFARM to May's earnings from writing. If you want to learn more about the Binance Smart Chain side of Harvest Finance, I invite you to read "Chad's new horse - Ploughing on Binance Smart Chain"


I finally withdrew the tips from Discord, taking advantage of a day with low ETH gas fees. Added the $BAN to Kalium and everything else to Metamask, for future use in staking.


4. ReadCash & $244.31

ReadCash earnings kept constant and shared a fair amount on  sponsorships and tips. tipping system worked well and predictable in May (all changed in June) and I was able to claim $10 worth of BCH every two days. 


5. Binance Smart Chain  = $192.69

As all the $CAKE was moved to Harvest Finance, the BSC staking rewards were reduced. Before moving them to Harvest, I farmed for few days CAKE and Chromia (CHR). I added $10.5 worth of CHR and 1.81 CAKE for the short period of time.


I sold the PHO from PhoSwap, earned some Trilium (TLM) on Bakery Swap and Bitcoin on Bitcoin Standard Hashrate. My Ditto - BNB LP on autofarm had good results, generating $25.93 yield and $0.50 AUTO.


6. Wallets (BinanceCoinbaseStakecube & Kucoin) : $142.21

Everything was slower and less productive in May! Binance cumulated earnings were only $120 while on Coinbase the only earnings were $3 worth of Skale. Stakecube added a good amount of crypto from the faucets, automatic staking and shared masternodes rewards and Kucoin added few cents in the mix. 

7. Celsius Network BlockFi $103.82

The Celsius Weekly Reward improved after I sent all the DAI resulted from the $FORTH airdrop. The Celsius HODL bonus for May was $98.82 worth of CEL, $61 from the total coming from DAI interest. The BlockFi interest for May was $5 for the little BTC and ETH kept in there! Read the details on Ampleforth Aftermaths - The $FORTH and jeDAI Balance


8. Ethereum Staking $102.99

Ethereum Staking contains the Tezos on Coinbase, Tron (TRX) on, SNOW and MATIC. On Atomic Wallet I staked ALG, AWC and Zilliqa (ZIL). I won 30 Matic on a Twitter giveaway from GoldenBull, which got paid quickly. I than won 2 more giveaways organized by GoldenBull and I am still waiting for the prize to be credited. Had a look and smells like bull-shit and rug pull!

9 Faucet Reward: $39.35

Had no time to do the FreeCrypto claims (DASH,  TRX,  ETH,  ADABNBLINKNEOBTC  & LTC) or the Free-Litecoin and FreeBitcoin rolls. However I managed to claim daily from Get.ZEN,  PipeFlare GlobalHive and received the referral reward straight on Celsius 

10. Leo Finance: $28.13

Price crush and little rewards. Even if the generated income looks low, a considerable amount of Leo and Hive was added in the wallet.

11. Non-Crypto (KDP/Amazon BooksWiseAlpha): $17.31

The Player! A roller-coaster of emotions, anxiety, gambling addiction and sometimes funny stories is my best-seller. The income from selling books was $8.11 and a $9.20 payment on WiseAlpha from Saga and Voyage Care.


12. Brave Browser :  $15.25 The reward gets lower and lower.  The Brave Rewards are not as great as they were but is still good to earn money by browsing the internet.

12.  $9.06 Unfortunately the reward system got nerfed and I added little LBC to the stash. I now have 912 LBC which I plan to hold until... I don't know!

Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch



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