AP Wine and the DeFi Meme Decathlon

AP Wine and the DeFi Meme Decathlon

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 25 May 2021

DeFi is an amazing place and new projects are always joining the multitude of existing platforms, yield farms and AMMs. A new project must bring something new or will fail to build up a customer pool!

APWine Finance was that kind of project that joined the Cryptoverse with a bang! The DeFi protocol was created to trade future yields, where users can deposit interest bearing tokens from other protocols for a set period of time and trade the returns in advance. The trading of unrealized yield will allow the users to speculate the evolution of yield and hedge the risk on passive revenue.

APWine can be pronounced A-P Wine, as APY and is a reference to the original "Happy Wine" logo. Also can be used as APE Wine, as a metaphor fore ape and degen investing!


I found APWine Finance after they announced one of the biggest meme competition ever! The Meme DeFi Decathlon was announced as a 10 days competition where Meme Lords rose from their slumber in a last-stand battle on the block-chain battleground!  The top three entries per participating project will be awarded prizes of $500, $300 and $200 for 1–3rd place, paid as 75% APW + 25% tokens/USDC from the featured project.

I took the old wooden chest down from the attic and polished the Meme Lord armor! The time for an epic battle has come! The time to mix wine with other pleasures has come, and I am up for the challenge!

Harvest Finance doesn't need any presentation or any research! Being a humble farmer made it easier to integrate Chad in the topic! Wine is part of the farm life, wine is part of the harvest! Humble farmers will speculate on yield farming and drink wine! 


UMA Protocol is creating a decentralized financial contracts platform that will enable Universal Market Access. The Universal Market will give world wide access to many types of wines for all wine lovers 


ParaSwap is the best place for DeFi traders, dApps creators and wine drinkers! The ParaSwap can be used to find out the best places to buy cheap but good wine!


ArcherDAO vision is to boosts mining revenue and to optimize the trader experience by re-ordering transactions on Ethereum. Users can mine smarter and trade smarter. Mining, trading, drinking ... that's what a Kobold will do! The kobold that will mine at candle-light and drink wine when thirsty will be a kobold that will trade smart when not drunk!


Aleph Network was created as an open-source cross-chain decentralized cloud project. Users can use the network to upload documents and information into a decentralized database. Aleph and clouds made me think at magic and genies! Drinking wine will make you believe in magic and will probably help you to see "the genie in a bottle" ... probably after 10-15 glasses. 


Cometh is a DeFi powered space game with yield generating NFTs. Users/player can use unique NFTs to earn rewards and yields. The APWine powered PacMan just made a new Cometh High Score by collecting many wine bottles. 


Jarvis Network will bringing traditional markets on the block-chain. The first addition to Jarvis Network was Forex trading. I am a simple man ... I hear Jarvis and I think about Iron Man! The AI advance technology was created to keep Tony Stark safe but no one can deny Jarvis a bottle of digital wine!


Babylon Finance is a community-led asset management platform and as the old Babylon stand against God, the new Babylon stands against centralization. The tower that will reach the sky will be built by wine connoisseurs and degen investors! 


After a week of duels, the Meme Lords took a wine break and waited for the results! Each one was expecting shiny loot and was difficult for the Winemakers to decide the victors! Vox Populi... Vox Dei ... as the dust of the battle settled and from 200 entries only few were standing! 

The victors were announced while the others survived to fight another day. Three prizes were allocated for each project, and I realized I had only 8 entries from 10 participating projects. Somehow I missed a day... maybe too much wine on the Wednesday! I believe it happened after I recreated the Tower of Babylon with many ... many glasses of wine! In wine is resurrection ... and a 3rd place!


Paolo Coelho said that the winner stands alone... and here I am enjoying another 3rd place with the Alcoholic Kobold Miner! Glad they enjoyed my role play and awarded me +10 for charisma! Now is time to uncork another bottle! 


The prizes were sent out and I now have 122 APW to use for DeFi stuff and investment on APWine! I also think what to do with 50 USDC, as the exchange will cost a fortune in ETH fees.



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