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By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 22 Jun 2022

Took me 2 years and 3 months to reach 5000 subscribers on Publish0x, a long awaited milestone. This also means that I published daily for 2 years and 3 months and I am only few months away from publishing 1000 consecutive articles! It's no rest for the wicked! 


This is the third major celebration in June, after spending my birthday (again!) with you all! I celebrated my birthday in the Metaverse, constantly updating the Party Article and sharing dozens of NFTs. The fun was at higher standards and the party lasted for 24 hours. Check Metaverse Birthday - The 2nd Edition for a timeline of the party!


I launched my NFT collection as a social experiment and a gift made to myself. I set huge discounts for my PDF books, and some are available for free. I will update the article throughout the day, sharing NFTs and maybe some crypto! Stay tuned ... It's time for  Metaverse Birthday - The 2nd Edition!


The second major celebration this month was the launch of Humble Tractors - a collection of 60 Unique 1:1 Photography NFTs throughout the year! Every NFT comes with a claimable POAP code and every holder will receive some airdrops in the future!

Watch the space as Humble Tractors may become the new big thing! You may have a Bored Ape or a Goblin, but you are not as cool as the people  holding a tractor! I am talking about scarcity and limited availability, as only 60 tractors will ever exist! 


Humble Tractors started to have some market movements, and the floor keeps steady at 0.0176! The total trade volume is at 0.08 ETH and if the collection gets sold out will reach 1 ETH in trade volume! Check NFT Breaking News #25 - Humble Tractors for more details! 



Feels like having three birthday parties in one month, and I am happy to be 18  (again!). I didn't even got affected by the crypto crash, as positive vibes are all that matters. May we have great fun in the years to come!


Coming back to Publish0x, my "4000 followers" article was even re-tweeted by Dan the Man! I said it back then and I will say it again and again.... P0x is HOME! May take a while to reach 10,000 followers but I am up for the challenge. It's game on! 


Back in March I also organized a writing competition for ChiFiBots, a new play2earn battle game. I had two entries so both writers will receive a pack! Congratulations Emily and Monika! 


When I have time to hang out in the TG group, it's always great fun. Once I was told I don't publish two articles a day because I don't have as many stories to write about, or I don't have time. Both assumptions were wrong, as I always go for quality over quantity. I rarely post twice a day because I like to plan and have evergreen drafts... it's a marathon not a sprint! 


Achievements? Does having 3 articles on the front page counts? I know DeFi, NFTs and Blockchain Gaming are my niches and I know what I want to write about it. I wouldn't be where I am without you...the reader... and I will always write to entertain you! 


I did well as an P0x ambassador! Is not about earnings, it's about expanding the community and bringing along more content creators.

I made 299 people join us, but not sure how many are constantly posting.  


Have you ever wondered what others authors are earning but you never bothered checking the articles history to make an estimate? It depends on how often an author posts and if he/she takes part in writing competitions.

I earned 1.1 ETH in about 25 months, mostly from writing competitions, and some bags of AMPL, FARM, BAT and STA. I am looking forward to the next tipping token!


P0x is not the only place where I am doing well. On PipeFlare $ZEC fountain I got a place on the Wall of Fame for earning 2 Zcash. PVM is Mr.Popular everywhere! Thank you all for the constant support! 


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