MATIC farming on Polygon - Stake it and forget about it!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 11 Sep 2022

The Polygon Protocol advanced framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible networks is making the blockchain one of the most used solutions in the Cryptoverse.  The aggregating scalable options and tools supporting the multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem makes the MATIC token gain value and momentum.  


My experience with Polygon started back in June 2020, when I bought a big bag of $MATIC and staked them at a good APY. I consider myself not lucky, but crypto savvy to have bought MATIC at 0.018 USD per token. I left them staked for months, as the gas fee was too high to even consider withdrawing. 

The amount of tokens grew nicely, and the value went 75x in less then a year. I restaked my MATIC rewards in January 2021 and again in December 2021. The token value was much bigger back then, and I feel sorry I didn't withdrew them back then.


I delegated the rewards back in the pool when the gwei was not that high, paying $9.12 for the transaction. Everything went back in and stayed there until an unfortunate investment on Pegaxy.


The last staking update took place in 2022, when I claimed 212 MATIC from the Matic Foundation Node 7 and staked into The Abyss. At that point in time I had over 6000 tokens, which I later used for not so crypto-savvy investments. The crypto crash came and everything dropped so much in value that didn't matter anymore.


The current value of 6000 MATIC is about $4,800 USD, and that amount is less then what I got when I cashed out. However, not even close to what it was when Matic reached the All-time High of 2.92 USD. Still think MATIC is a good investment at today's price, and think I buy the dip.

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