Kucoin Referral 2.0 Is Here! Boxes Full Of Crypto For Everyone

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 9 Mar 2023

Kucoin is working hard to build a better Cryptoverse and I am working hard to create a steady flow of passive income on Kucoin! It's not always the airdrop hunt, or the search for gems... sometimes is just enjoying the platform.  Personal opinion ... Kucoin will always live in CZ's Shadow

I've been using Kucoin for more than 1800 days, joining a bit after the first million users. I was there before 95% of the people, but my growth wasn't astonishing. Maybe things will change...

Maybe the new Kucoin Referral Program will make the platform more attractive to the average crypto users. The new system was released and users can now unlock mysterious prizes, and the referrals can also enjoy the VIP trial for one month.

It was named Referral Program 2.0 but it is 3.0 if I am thinking about it! The original system was broken  and never worked, as I didn't received any rewards for over 70 referrals. The upgraded one was too complicated so maybe third time lucky! 


The Referral Program 2.0 was released on the 25th of November 2022, as a return to all loyal users who recommend Kucoin to their friends (or enemies). 

The program aims to provide an easier referral system where users can earn stars through referrals, and stars can be exchanged for prizes. The cheapest Mystery Box costs 10 stars and random prizes can be unwrapped.


If you are not a fan of random, then keep staking those star and you could claim as much as 1000 USD. There are a wide range of boxes, with set rewards inside. You can claim 2 USDT and another random crypto for 40 stars or 10 USDT for 200 stars. Maybe you will go all in and build it up to 20,000 stars and claim the big prize.


I had 35 stars and I played the random game, opening three cheap boxes. I won 2 USDT and two useless prizes, which made me think that a 40 stars box would have been more rewarding. I don't do Margin Trials or Futures so the other two prizes are not helping!


The prizes where credited in my Kucoin account and were ready to use seconds after I opened the box. However, the only bonus I care is the KCS farming. You have to hold at least 6 KCS to start earning interest, which can be claimed on a daily basis. 


The 7-Day Average Yield will vary, but even 1.9% is ok for a single asset. The $KCS are not staked and can be sold at any time, which makes holding as profitable as DeFi opportunities. My total reward reached 1.5 $KCS and keeps growing! 


I am still claiming the Kucoin Candies, even if the prizes at the Wheel of Fortune have non utility for me. I wish they will add swag or merchandise in the future, and I hope 27,000 candies will be enough to get a hoodie or a t-shirt. 


Residual Income:

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Join Crypto.com

Join Splinterlands!

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