It's Been A While Upland - I Embarked Chapter One For Spark

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 19 Jun 2024

The Upland play2earn blockchain game mirrors the real world and real properties. Players can buy, sell or trade virtual properties with UPX, the platform's currency. The game expanded a lot since launch, adding new cities and new dynamics! 

UPX is a fungible token on the EOS blockchain, used as an utility token in the Upland game.  Being an utility token means that it can only be used inside Upland and cannot be withdrawn. However, to mirror a real economy, Upland  made a partnership with the financial division of Linden Lab to implement a new feature called "fiat out", which will allow players to sell the virtual properties and items for either UPX or fiat money.

Upland was created and is operated by Uplandme with support from organizations such as and professionals from the gaming, real estate and technology industries. The concept started in 2018, during a monopoly game between Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein and Idan Zuckerman, the Upland co-founders. They wanted to “tokenize” the real world through technology. 


I dived into the Upland Metaverse on the 24th of February 2021! I bought properties, earned $UPX, completed collections and added buildings on some of my lands. 

Building structures will make the property look cooler and earn more $UPX. However, you will need $SPARK to build, something that was given to all players in Upland as part of the global launch of spark on the 31st of 2021. I received 0.35 SPARK and use it straight away. Another way is to log on Upland for seven consecutive days, and a small amount will be credited when the streak is completed! 

I must admit I ignored Upland for months, as it doesn't feel like the hustle could turn into earnings! Or maybe is just me who doesn't understand real estate! However, I came back for the Upland Chapter 1 Airdrop! The mission was to engage with tweets and level up by accumulating experience and points.

The points were converted to SPARKLET inside of Upland based on the social engagement level reached in Chapter 1.  Linked the accounts and hustled on X like a pro! At the end of the campaign I got... $SPARK! I had 0.83 tokens to collect, and a lot to build! 


During the event, I worked hard to log every day... and claimed two rewards for completing the streak twice. I received 0.01 SPARK each time, and this small amount was added to the reward from Chapter 1. 

I used it all to build a nice block of flats, and the construction will be completed in "only" 2,600 hours. I will see you in 127 days and few hours! This proves my point that Upland is not as entertaining as other NFT-powered games. To be honest... none of the play2earn games are entertaining! If you ask me ... the GameFi sector died in 2022! 


So... who's my Upland empire looking after three years of playing? No idea how to rate it! My total net worth is 79,000 in UPX and properties, an amount which is hard to really consider as assets. I sold one property since I start playing, but maybe one day the game will become easier.

I used the store to give an estimate value to my Upland empire, and seen that a 100,000 $UPX bundle can be bought with 99.99 dollars. This means that my 14 properties are worth $79, but the surprise comes from $SPARK! In the "Special" dashboard of the store, users can buy 0.05 SPARK with $29,99 or 0.1 SPARK for $54.99 as a deal. 

Based on that, the $SPARK I hold has a store value of $469.91! Even if there was a way to swap and cash out... my $SPARK is staked for 127 days! Going from zero on Upland to over $500 in three years may look OK... but those assets are stuck in their Metaverse! 


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Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash 

Creators bundle: Publish0xHive & Presearch

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