I bought BETA from the Binance Launchpad and made 53x when I sold them all

I bought BETA from the Binance Launchpad and made 53x when I sold them all

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 16 Oct 2021

The Binance Launchpad and the Launchpool are the best methods to earn crypto while sleeping. Both will bring amazing opportunities but is no debate that the Launchpad is the champion of quick gains. Timeline facts about what was another great earning opportunity on Binance Launchpad: on the 4th of October I wrote about the upcoming Beta Finance Launchpad and how to prepare and maximize the earning on distribution day.


The average BNB holding amount included spot, futures, savings, margins, fiat, card and launchpad accounts, including the BNB Vault. I kept the Binance Coin in the Vault for the preparation period, earning rewards. My maximum commitment limit for this campaign was 52.2 BNB and the plan was to take full advantage of the Launchpad offer.



I set my alarm for the subscription period and casually logged to Binance a bit after 7 AM, clicked on the Launchpad and committed the full 52.2 BNB stash. Time for breakfast, school run, publishing articles, twitter updates and checking the Discord/Telegram messages. 


I said it since the preparation period that I will commit all the BNB, get as much $BETA possible and cash out at high price after listing. This was not my first rodeo and I knew that only a small fraction of BNB will be deducted, depending on the total amount of Binance Coin committed by all the participants. This campaign had 10,000 participants and 4.2 million BNB locked in the BETA Launchpad. My final allocation was 356.26 BETA tokens for which I paid 0.0492 BNB, approximately $21 on that day.



The final distribution was completed after midday, the 0.0492 BNB was deducted while the rest and 356 BETA were added in my wallet. When I checked the tokens, the value was $1,178 and going down. I believe $3.26 was a good sell price, considering I paid $0.06 per BETA.


I initially wanted to cash out all in BUSD but I wanted to boost the BNB holdings so I bought 1.3 BNB to round up the total at 53.5 coins. I swapped the rest in BUSD which I sent to Harvest Finance to earn some humble rewards. Did you listen to my advice and went all-in for this Binance Launchpool? If yes ... are you happy with the earnings?


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