How to grow the NFT stash on Publish0x and Twitter!

How to grow the NFT stash on Publish0x and Twitter!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 10 Apr 2021

Yesterday's article about NFT was stressful beyond limits, because my connection dropped every minute. My mobile internet and signal suffered even more, with no connectivity until 11 PM. I planned to do an article that will cover all the available giveaways and the great artists from Twitter but I gave up half way and published with what I managed to write until 2PM. I usually post at 10AM but given the above circumstances, it took hours to add half of the information I wanted to share. This takes us here... at part 2 of the NFT opportunities in April! 

There will always be random claim links for people, unique opportunities for the quickest readers to gram a free NFT. This unique chances are hard to spot and only connoisseurs will be fast enough to claim them. !!!! HARD TO SPOT CLAIM LINK HERE!!!!! 

Metaforce Comics

Metaforce Comics is a dynamic comic book series containing a variety of NFTs in various formats. There are still seven Metaforce drops available in April

TDavies (10.04.2021)

Lefthouse (17.04.2021)

Pantheon (26.04.2021)

Hell Camino (27.04.2021)

Umberto's (28.04.2021)

Phonebooth (29.04.2021)

New SF Mint (30.04.2021)    

Coinsteps - Ethereum the Rebellious NFT

This giveaway is for the Ethereum the Rebellious NFT, the 2nd card from Happy Crypto Family, a card with a maximum supply of 285. From the total supply, 50 of them will be distributed thorough the Ethereum the Rebellious NFT article, 20 to the quickest (you missed this train) and 30 awarded after a lucky draw. Just check the article before the 14th of April and drop your WAX address for a chance to win. cd35721790b18b5e0f80bdba14dfc68069965e924e31d38bd3b545532648e830.png

Ruthenium NFT from the Periodic Table

If you want the Ruthenium NFT from Roberto's Periodic Table go to The Laboratory Tour and leave your WAX wallet in the comments. Deadline by 11th of April at 23:59 UTC. The max supply of Ruthenium is 299 and up to 250 will be distributed in this giveaway. Not really an element but you can claim this one for free!  507a08431acd462a7113c26737fe1d1135d4709ad225128f27e2556524adabe3.png

Doctor Who Worlds Apart 

The BBC PvP turn based PC game inspired by Doctor Who is set to be launched this year, and new packs are becoming available, as old ones are being taking off the market forever. I log every day to earn 10 free pandaks that can be used to buy new packs. The referral system also awards 10% of the referrals purchase. The "Machines of War" pack is the newest addition, containing 10 cards with 5 guaranteed Imperial Dalek frame and 5 guaranteed Cyber King frames. Each pack costs $49.99 or 4999 pandaks. If the Machines of War looks expensive, maybe you prefer a free NFT!



Have you seen the Bull Monkey, Alpaca Monkey, Bear Monkey or the Chicken Monkey? Did you won a CryptomonKey from my NFT Cornucopia giveaway? If you own CryptomonKeys and want to grow your bonkers pack head over to AlienWorlds and start mining on Planet Neri. You may mine CryptomonKeys as an extra to the AlienWorlds NFTs. I don't own any ultra-rare but I still have a good collection. Keep up to date with the new releses and giveaways by following CryptomonKeys on Twitter or by checking for great giveaways and freebies! Not sharing my monKeys with anyone but I can gladly share this one for free!


The great NFT artists from Twitter

The NFT hype got my off-guard and I become an addict! I ended up participating at hundreds of giveaways, following dozens of artists and rogue-tagging my friends for chances to win free NFTs. I got so many NFTs from talented artists and I find it difficult to rank them but from the plethora of artists on the world wide web, only few managed to impress me above standards and make me hunt their work. Today I will just list a handful, those who invaded my WAX wallet, those with that special "zing!". The rest of the best will be covered in a separate article because I don't want to miss any of them. Until then I hope to become amigo con SEÑOR LUPE, not BroBro but at least frens! 

01809949a48b9a2ac48bd5b38fd3d2174f24351e6ff94de1a97b3e4fed20cde2.jpgMy friend Crackers (Spoiler Alert: most of his articles have NFT giveaways) is doing the #Meet the Artist" series, interviewing NFT creators on a regular basis! I "blame" him for getting in touch with so many artists and creators, and for growing my NFT collection to new heights. I want to be cool like Crackers and that's why I am sharing not one claim link, not two claim links, but three claim links! 


Byron's zombie horde 

The horde is growing and growling, seeking new brains. Byron is one of the nicest and coolest guys I know (and famous). He likes to surprise the NFT holders with constant drops so check your wallets. Meanwhile you can follow him on Twitter or join the ZBCats telegram group to be part of the fun. Guess who's also a cool guy? Yes... I am ... because I share so many free NFTs!



There are plenty of daily giveaways and airdrops by RaccoonBrand on Twitter. How to get some trash pandas in your wallet? Just follow  WAXNFTS and RaccoonBrand and pray to be the quickest to claim some links. This will be hard as a ninja MF with the is lurking in the shadows, ready to claim them before you do! If you are slow as a snail, than take part on the giveaways and wait for Karma to chose you. Maybe you don't know but RaccoonBrand is a well-established brand that sells cool wallets and t-shirts with the cool raccoons that can be seen as NFTs. Admit it ... you were hoping for a free raccoon? Sorry friend but this ones are hard to get!



CGI Virtual Characters are not everyone's cup of tea but you must see them through the eyes of the artist. I've got my first (and second) musical NFT from here and many, many more cool NFTs. Not sharing a CyberPorn NFT but you can have this NFT for free!



Top bloke, top art. I came across Maiki and his art after he was interviewed by Crackers for the #MeetTheArtist series. The NFTs are catchy and different.


The Derpy Cats

Derpy cats are ... just derpy cats! You have to like them because ... who doesn't like cats? Another collection that I started after reading Crackers interview. 


PVM's Devilish Cat

A joke of a NFT but is my NFT so I have to shill it! Milky - the Devilish Cat - is available on Atomic Hub, looking for crazy cat people! If you are one of those cheap people looking for free stuff than ... claim this free NFT!


I appreciate you made it so far so here you go... the last claim link of the day! Let me know if you know any NFT artists that I may like and drop the link in the comments! If you are a NFT artist that wants to join the #MeetTheArtist campaign please drop your details or contact me on Twitter! If you are here for the free NFTs, you may claim this free one!



Milky the Devilish Cat NFT

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