Horizen(ZEN) Zendoo sidechain solution is live

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 30 Jun 2020

Great news from Horizen, the Zendoo side-chain solution platform is now live on Testnet, ready for testing.

When we began in 2017, we chose to go down the hard road of creating our own innovation to solve some of the biggest problems in blockchain – scalability and application privacy. Zendoo is the last mile of this marathon. We are delivering the culmination of a two-year investment in significant innovation that solves real problems in the marketplace and gives businesses a reason to build on a public network that didn’t exist before - Rob Viglione, Co-founder and Team Lead of Horizen.

What is Zendoo?

The Zendoo side-chain solution platform is the first completely decentralized side-chain protocol on the market, which extends the network from a cryptocurrency to a privacy-preserving platform that scales for commercial applications. The Zendoo platform enables users, businesses and developers to affordably create fully customizable block-chains mapped onto the Horizen public main-chain, and take advantage of the largest node network available on the block-chain ecosystem. Developers can use the Beta Preview version and get access to developer-only resources using HEAP (the Horizon Early Adopter Program)


What makes Zendoo special?

Zendoo was created by the Horizen Engineering team with unique side-chain and scaling solution. The Zendoo side-chain model solves the biggest problems in applying block-chain solutions to real-world use cases such as decentralization, scalability and privacy of data.

  • Scalability and Flexibility - The Zendoo system architecture allows a modular protocol that stresses functionality over design choice. This framework allows any type of rules to be deployed as a side-chain, creating high flexibility. This modularization permits massive scalability, application design freedom, and flexibility such that any component can be changed over time so long as the interfaces conform to standards, meaning that the information that was initially inserted in the chain is no longer "set in stone".
  • Decentralization - The side-chain model is decentralized in all its components, and decentralization provides resilience and reliability to the network. The platform is ZEN powered and supported by the largest node network in the industry. Furthermore, the Zendoo side-chain system doesn’t rely on third parties for backward transfers, removing the need for trusted parties and honesty, using the zk-SNARKs leverages to provide validation for the main-net withdrawals.
  • Privacy and Auditability - the system allows the verification of side chains by the main-chain, without knowing the internal structure of the side-chain or anything related to the uploaded data.. The Zendoo SDK provides a set of tools that will enable the creation of auditable and privacy-preserving block-chain applications, the desire of real-world uses.

Quarter 2 Update Live Stream

The Horizen Team will be live on Youtube on the July 1st at 1PM EDT/5PM UTC. The live broadcasts on Youtube will inform the ZEN community with the project progression and will holds a live Q&A with the audience. The report will include major announcements and several significant milestones. 5741e73d3e7e6ad7bbb001a03dd0bf4934f46027ea678cd029304b117dd70aa1.jpeg

The live stream will cover updates from Org Operations, Engineering, Products and Projects, Business Development, Marketing Growth and Regional markets. See below the direct link for the live stream.

The Horizen Team keeps delivering and this can be only good news for ZEN holders. The project keeps growing and the amount of work put in will help towards the global implementation of ZEN. Day by day, ZEN becomes more powerful and trusted, gaining a better position on the crypto-market. The Horizen ecosystem is helping to the development of the crypto-market, and with new innovative projects, will become a major player.


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