Horizen DAO - The 1st Community Led Party

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 8 Nov 2023

Horizen EON was activated this summer and the Alpha stage is the early on-boarding phase for the launch partners, allowing them to integrate their services onto EON mainnet. 

Horizen reached a key milestone in decentralized governance at the end of September, when the Horizen DAO was launched. This marks the beginning of a new era of participatory governance for the Horizen community.

Horizen Reaches a Key Milestone in Decentralized Governance – Introducing Horizen DAO

The alpha deployment of EON and the genesis of the Horizen DAO may be two of the most important events that took place this autumn. Join the discussion and educate yourself by joining the Horizen DAO Discourse and Discord.

Horizen has always been a community-driven project and has long recognized that a strong social layer is crucial for maintaining integrity across the ecosystem. This approach is directed by the guiding values of transparency, security, accountability, community involvement and social responsibility. 

Halloween was the perfect opportunity for the DAO to spotlight the new synergy by organizing the first community led event. I had the pleasure to host the party, and done my best to keep the participants entertained. We just call it ... HallowEON! 


We had an amazing learning session about smart contracts and security in the Cryptoverse, along with games and fun competitions. Top attendance for the first community led party, and even Rob joined us and had some spooky fun! 

The participants where challenged to guess how many Zenny were hiding in this spooky picture, and this was harder than you think. Count them up and tell me you're answer in the comments! 


We had NFTs on EON, and many other surprises! You can claim 50 $LOVE each day from the Love Faucet, one of the early community built Dapps deployed on Horizen EON.

Xavier educational content covered crypto security and top tips to stay safe, including recognizing scams. The HallowEON party covered all social aspects and was a stepping stone for future events.


The most entertaining event was the drawing competition, and the whole community was involved in process. The participants had to draw a set Zenny image, while the DAO voted for the best entry. The best drawing was chosen during the party, winning a $30 voucher for merchandise and free postage worldwide! 


Several entries for the meme competition, and the best one got a voucher as well! The meme lord got $30 to spend on ZEN merchandise and the same free postage worldwide! 

We had a crypto quiz and we had a look at some Halloween themed memes! Every little $ZEN counts, and all the participants got some shares for every correct answer! 

We had fun and we learned more about how the EON EVM-compatible smart contracting platform that will allow devs to efficiently build and deploy dapps on Horizen, while fully benefiting from the Ethereum ecosystem. Stay tuned for the next community party... planned for January 2024!


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