Harvest Anniversary - AmpliFARM Neah! bFARM to BNB Yeah!

Harvest Anniversary - AmpliFARM Neah! bFARM to BNB Yeah!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 6 Sep 2021

Happy Anniversary Harvest Finance! Yeah... you heard it right... Harvest Finance is one year old! The journey started on the 31st of August 2020 with Chad driving his tractor with a vision ... to make Harvest one of the friendliest and safest place in the Cryptoverse. Twelve months later we are talking about one of the strongest DeFi projects. We are talking about over 100 active vaults, $FARM listed on Coinbase and Binance, amazing collaborations and cross-chain farming on Binance Smart Pool and Polygon.

Was the right time to do some arts and crafts as a celebration activity.  Glitter and gifts for all humble farmers!


AmpliFarm was the latest upgrade, offering humble farmers a way to earn more #BreadForThePeople by locking AmpliFARM and staking bFARM. Both assets can be unstake at any time, with no lock up period.


Some vaults on BSC Harvest Finance started to reward ampliFARM instead of bFARM.The new token that can be redeemed anytime for bFARM in a 1:1 exchange rate or better, depending on the available boost. Check your stats: harvest.finance/amplifarm


I tried the AmpliFARM system but because all my staking supplied only bFARM, I decided to take advantage of the high value and do something positive! I claimed all bFARM across all pools and looked for a shady exchange where I could change it for BNB.


When I finished my claiming round-up, I collected 1.59 bFARM. The beauty of Binance Smart Chain transactions is given by the low fees, thinking that on Ethereum no one ever will afford to claim 0.09 or 0.11 bFARM because the transaction fee will be 10x the value of the claim. 


I found the shady exchange and noticed something new in my wallet, 15000 MNEB tokens that were valued at $20,965. When something like this happens and it's too good to be true.... it's not true. I wouldn't say no to 26 BNB but this token is a scam token so I didn't continued with the transaction.


Moving back to the bFARM and cashing out some rewards for other humble rewards! With an exchange rate nearly at even terms, I swapped 1.49 bFARM for 1.12 Binance Coin. I sent the BNB from Metamask to Binance and from there to Travala as $AVA tokens. 


Why $AVA tokens? Because this humble farmer will go on a holiday using the fruits of the harvest. Is not much but is honest work. When I will be on top of the Eiffel Tower, or maybe walking through Amsterdam's Red Disctrict ... I will keep in mind that my holiday is Chad approved!


Residual Income:

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