Geyser (GYSR) and the yield farming of the future!

Geyser (GYSR) and the yield farming of the future!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 26 Oct 2020

Geyser (GYSR) and the mind-blowing geyser effect!

Last week I came across this project which caught my eyes. I usually test and write about existing stuff but this one made me make an exception from the rule. Have you heard about Geyser (GYSR)? Probably the project is not live yet. But here I am to take you through a GYSR crash-course. Mobile phone on silent and please be quiet. Take a seat and raise your hand if you have questions. 6be6fb38bc716e8c4155cdaad5a08cdb24c84657eabfd4397524ae28b62d16d0.png

Geyser is a new DeFi project built on the Ethereum block-chain, configurable and  has a 100% decentralized platform set for yield farming and asset distribution. The Geyser platform will reward users for long HODL and participation, using $GYSR as an universal token to multiply rewards and ensuring a continuous source of funding. Users can deploy a configurable yield farm, and holding $GYSR will be the similar to holding a DeFi index fund. GYSR aim is to support the DeFi ecosystem with 100% on-chain and fair tools for yield farming.5744dfda88bae061fe9f9ad23e3512f6c1c0ccbd7828f25f89c5a5aea8002066.jpeg

The Geyser vision is to provide an alternative for long term investments which will create financial rewarding. The aim is to make yield farming easy and fair, by simplifying the yield process. The team wants to provide a platform that will create benefits for creators and investors, and a connection between project owners and token creators. ad38efa88f139b9b771638fe9825e620dd45b891211f916249cd385dcd7249fc.jpeg

What is a Geyser? Ampleforth had a geyser, and worked quite fine. The only issue was that it was giving Ampleforth as reward. By definition, a geyser is a generalized yield farm that be customized, offering token rewards and/or interest for depositing liquidity. The reward and/or interest will be earned immediately after the deposit and will improve on the long term. The Geyser Factory will allow users/creators to configure and create their own Geysers without effort, using the Geyser platform. The new contract is 100% owned, configured and managed by Geyser creator and not by a third party.   GYSR is flexible, accessible and acts as a yield multiplier, an index fund and a funding stream. The customizable solution will create flexibility and anyone will create a yield farm for free, on a secure platform. $GYSR can be added in any Geyser to multiply the reward and maximize the value of APY and generated income. As an universal utility token, $GYSR will have a diversified store of value and when it is spent, will go directly into the Geyser contract. The funds from the contract can be withdrawn at any time by the creator.  

$GYSR will supercharge the Geyser

$GYSR is an ERC20 token and can be spent in any Geyser to multiply a user’s effective stake and returns.  The investors can maximize how much $GYSR they want to spend to multiply their portion of the staking pool, from zero to thousands. The Geyser and the amount of $GYSR will automatically adjusts the multiplier to match demand. Therefore GYSR will be used all over the ecosystem.37593dd47bb77b57510c4880f68b15806d819109ea41f1cf25fcc0856038c797.png

$GYSR distribution

According to the Whitepaper GYSR was created with transparency and a community-first mentality. This will be reflected in the way $GYSR will be distributed and how the 10 million $GYSR tokens will get out into the world. The distribution will be done 100% through Geysers and not even 1% are saved for ICO, airdrops or pre-launch offers. The 4 parts of distribution will be:

  • 1% to the community through five initial Geysers
  • 88% to the community through  the $GYSR Geyser
  • 10% to the Geyser Team
  • 1% to early advisors


The five initial Geysers will  each distribute 0.20% of the $GYSR supply in the first week. The staking tokens will be $WETH, $DAI, $USDC, $WBTC and $UNI. From the 88% allocated for $GYSR share, the tokens will go to users and supporters which will provide liquidity in the Uniswap $GYSR/$WETH pool and stake those Uniswap V2 tokens in the community Geyser. 8d14405f765cd9ad32b8e3a21500a453872e53162a0858e02fd31364a78c07bc.png

To avoid unnecessary comments and scam accusations, the community pool will be rewarded over a 3 part distribution schedule. Each part will have a different release period, with the first one in 90 days after the launch. The next 1/3 of the community pool will be released over the first year after launch and the last will be released over the four years after launch. By using this strategy, will make enough $GYSR available for projects but will still maintain the users long term interest for the project and avoid a pump and dump effect after launch.6bc5b410a597d88b80c040429b26078c665029724a2816d88c35f3657134bbe0.png

The team minted an unique token called $GYSR-team that has a total supply of 1, which will be staked on the GYSR pool. The community support will also be rewarded with a token called $GYSR-adv that can be minted and give to individuals that have helped the $GYSR project during its development and as it grows. The $GYSR-adv token will give early advisors unique access to a Geyser with 1% of the total $GYSR supply funded in it, vesting over 1 year.

GYSR problem solving superpower

GYSR has an unique super power ... in can solve problems. The platform can solve token distribution, fundraising, marketing, and even improve the NFT's marketplace or promote good behaviour. Is GYSR can solve all that... we don't need Batman anymore.

Every ERC20 token was distributed with the community via Airdrop, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initian Exchange Offering (IEO). Recently Binance added a new method, through the Binance Launchpool, where tokens can be farmed by staking Binance Coin (BNB). Except the last method, all others can be unfair, un-ethical or even a big scam. The GYSR Yield Farming can offer an fair solution for token distribution. Good behaviour can be promoted by the GYSR Yield Farming by rewarding users with excellent community participation. 

Fundraising... yes... I said fundraising! At the moment, due to lack of trust in block-chain solution, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many projects are struggling to rise funds. Token sales and angel investors are not trending any more but using $GYSR can provide a continuous and stable source of funding if the token is spent during unstaking periods.

The NFT market is growing at an extremely rapid pace. This assets are highly desirable and GYSR can create a marketplace where ERC20 tokens can be redeemed to purchase NFT rewards, or implement NFT yield farming. 

The marketing advantage will be claimed by businesses whom will operate in the block-chain sector. GYSR can reward users for a product purchase or for being part of a community, in the same way as a loyalty card currently does. We all have 20 cards in the wallet and 10 apps on the phone, collecting points for a free sandwich or a free coffee. GYSR can digitalize and simplify this kind of process, by offering reward tokens on the platform.0e6f077c2e2046aa081cf66e39da8bac68ccabc4164d939a8253e8e3be38c917.jpeg

PVM personal view and alliteration

From my understanding of the whitepaper and the GYSR vision, the platform can offer innovation and credibility to a DeFi ecosystem which sometimes lacks transparency and security. The geysers can offer efficient distribution strategy and a continuous source of income for users. The project and the platform can be a real improvement to the current ecosystem. I am looking forward for tomorrow's launch and to give GYSR the PVM Trial by combat!ce0673a8082e0969a8967fd9013afd81fe37f1d8806968b15c2901594f1ea47d.jpeg

GYSR is getting in gear for graduation!  The Geyser gives good gold! 



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