FANTOM DeFi #4 - CRE8R Farming on Beethoven vibes!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 14 May 2022

Beethoven X is built on Balancer V2 as the first next-generation AMM protocol on Fantom Opera chain. It has boosted pools, innovative tools and a strong bound with the community! Join spiritually symphonic investment platform to enjoy DeFi at high standards! 


Beethoven replaced Spirit Swap in my preferences of FANTOM. If you are not using Fantom, you should give it a try! Fantom is not a real block-chain, but a Directed Acyclic Graph-based smart contract platform with 3 blockchains. The DAG system used by Fantom doesn't centralize all the power on a single decentralized ledger, creating a "decentralized, permissionless and open source, high performance, scalable, customizable and secure platform for smart contracts, designed to overcome the limitations of previous generation blockchains."


I wrote about Beethoven when I tested the Fresh Statera Maxi Duet pool, one of the 80%-20% LPs on Beets.  This type of LPs are less affected by impermanent losses because one of the assets has a bigger share, meaning less volatility inside the pool. Was a top experiment, farming 16.9 $BEETS in 2 days. Good return for the staked amount and a good use of the Statera tokens I will earn through Publish0x


This time I will share the top gains I achieved by suppling CRE8R tokens as liquidity. I am earning my $CRE8R by creating content at CRE8R DAO - the best marketing agency in the Cryptoverse. CRE8R DAO served 24 unique clients in less than a year, with 6 clients returning for at least one more epoch. If your DeFi project needs a boost... you know who to contact!


This is not that kind of post where I overthink and calculate how much I'd have if I invested few years ago. This is not that kind of post where I overthink and calculate how much I had if I kept my 4 Bitcoins. This is a post where I am showing how I earn rewards with $CRE8R tokens!


I started with a small share, back in the days when the $CRE8R tokens were distributed mainly on Polygon. The assets are automatically shared proportionally in the pool, simplifying deposits and DeFi entry levels. 


The APY was high, and the potential yield for 2383 CRE8R tokens was $27.74 per week. I started my Fantom journeys with baby steps, evolving slowly after each experience.


Motivated by the opportunity, I transferred all $CRE8R tokens on FANTOM. Took a while for the tokens to be bridged from Polygon, making me check few times to make sure I didn't cock it up.


When the tokens finally reached my wallet, went into the CRE8R in F-Major pool! Mind blowing returns again, with a potential yield at $75 per week. DeFi summer on the horizon! 


Went all-in and started using Fantom more then Polygon, Ethereum or Binance Smart-Chain. This is uncharted territory and it's still early days. DeFi opportunities and cheap transactions are making a good mix.


For a while I used the CRE8R - FTM LP from Beethoven on Beefy, when the APY was 41,190%. At that rate I was earning 1.66% on a daily basis, a rate that is mind-blowing. This percentage of return goes low quickly, as whales will ape in with huge bags of crypto. 


When the APY on Beefy went down, I returned the LP in the CRE8R in F-Major pool. The APR was still high, and the earnings above average. The best part is that I can always harvest the rewards and stake them again.


With ups and downs, the bag of tokens grows even when the token value drops. The APY will fluctuate with more volume, and the rewards can be boosted with "bribes". When the bribe is active, $BEETS rewards are added to the pool.


When CRE8R pumped, the pool balance pumped! When the pool balance pumped... the APR pumped as well. DeFi made easy makes sense, and putting crypto to work is the only way to survive in this harsh environment. 


Check CRE8R DAO on Twitter for top DeFi updates, crypto safety and education, and some top hints of potential airdops. If you are on Instagram, give CRE8R DAO a follow! 


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