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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 18 Dec 2020

District0x? Was that a fancy project in 2017?

That's correct! The district0x project was born in February 2017, having the main focus on launching a network of decentralized marketplaces to eliminate rent-seeking and to facilitate community governed economies. The district0x network is made by linked decentralized marketplaces and communities known as ‘Districts’. Districts are built on modular framework of Ethereum smart contracts and libraries. d0xINFRA is name given to the standard open source framework  and front-end libraries. 

Back in 2017, the district0x (DNT) ICO was one of the biggest and most anticipated but the bear market made the project fail to deliver and lose popularity. The price fell to $0.002. With the DeFi rise, district0x planed a comeback, and the listing on Coinbase achieved this goal. The DeFi community governed economies are trending now so district0x can take advantage of the niche and the use of "districts" can be a powerful tool in the development of the DeFi sector. 

The district0x native token is called district0x (DNT), an Ethereum-based token built using the ERC20 standard. The utility token can be used for participation and coordination in the development of the district0x Network.


Problem solver or another average tool in the bag?

The district0x network can solve coordination issues and inefficiencies commonly found in the government of distributed community marketplaces and DAO's. As disctict0x can provide the system and the methods for better align incentives and decision making among the market participants, the project can take advantage of the current situation.

The decentralized community marketplaces (easier to call them "districts") are managed by a governance layer provided by Aragon network, operating on Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries. This technicality means that distric0x can create a self sustaining ecosystem that can survive without a central authority.

Any type of communal marketplace can be built as a district, and no fee is required to join the network or to create districts. Ethlance, Name Bazaar and Meme Factory are districts build on the platform. 0736d38a5d97ebe0a90ff96f53d389e944a7eeb73b06efb66bbbc65d0b12e6e9.jpeg

Goals and vision

The district0x vision is to facilitate the the governing of marketplaces and communities as unique decentralized entities. The district0x platform seeks to enable the creation of Dapps and services while eliminating rent-seeking and the share of personal data with third-parties. Their vision shares the DAO visions, as they are decentralized, autonomous and open.

District is a decentralized platform, with world-wide contributors and a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. Transparency is the core value and all project contributions are stored in a single wallet. Total disclosure of funds and progress is available, including wages paid to service providers and hey milestones set in the road-map. All details can be checked on GitHub under the Eclipse Public License.443d79e9753d8610c38e3d7ad98796d085dbfdc59c77c5c491355192ea2f278e.jpeg

Coinbase Listing

District0x was listed on Coinbase on the 6th of November, and the price went crazy, going up by nearly 800%. If the day before the value per unit was $0.0088, it quickly reached $0.079. The value surge was nowhere near the All-Time High achieved back in January 2018, at $0.43, however, the 800% rise was profitable for traders. A tidal wave of sells at high price made district drop value down to $0.049. After the value drop DNT, showed signs of stabilization.a006a62e4328f12e75a92f7659122266fdc501a2b74a047a9e5210669bfd6099.jpeg


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