CoinMarketCap - Earn Helium (HNT)

CoinMarketCap - Earn Helium (HNT)

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 24 Oct 2020

The 4rd "Earn money - Learn about Crypto" campaign started on CoinMarketCap. This time users will be rewarded Helium (HNT). The Terra (Luna) rewards were distributed on Monday, and I received 3.4 LUNA tokens in my Binance account.


To find it independently, click the menu tab and select Products. This will open the Earn page and "Make money learning about crypto" will pop-out in a new page. The old ones, TERRA (LUNA), KAVA and BAND are there, while Helium is the only  live project .

To earn a share of the Helium supply, users have to watch 4 short videos, and complete an 8 questions quiz.

Lesson 1: What is Helium? Helium is the "people's network", a long-range wireless technology and secure block-chain aiming to create the ultimate network, The People's Network.

Lesson 2: How do I mine HNT? Helium (HNT) can be done using a Hotspot device. This will also help to build The People's Network

Lesson 3: What uses The People's Network? In the next 5 years, 75 billion devices will need connectivity, from mobile phones and pet tracking to healthcare monitoring solutions, a new class of devices will have to find a way to connect efficiently.

Lesson 4: What are HNT and Data Credits? The People’s Network uses two units of exchange to achieve a Burn-and-Mint equilibrium: HNT and Data Credits. They are awarded, gained or mined. 


The Quiz was 8 questions, the usual T&C and the details for crediting the reward. Make sure you know your 8-digits Binance ID before you start as this is the tag for receiving the distribution and no wallet is required. As a gesture of good will I let you know that the answer for the first question is 56,107,426.


* currently testing ReadCash

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