Brave stops the referral program for new users

Brave stops the referral program for new users

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 15 Oct 2020

Brave Browser is the King of the Browsers, and will maintain this status until will stop being amazing. I chose and I will recommend Brave because their constant support for content creators, the reward for users attention and the fight for privacy. I noticed lately that the reward from ads was lower than the previous months but privacy is still at highest standards, with no personal data leaving the device. Long live the King of the Browsers!6641d61af4b381095108146b96800fef9a1b54666b07ae32dfab3b5d95524d21.png

This month, Brave announced that the referral reward system will be stopped for new members. The program started in 2018, a one year plan to distribute $1 million worth of BAT to creators who recommended new users. The program was extended by another year and by the end of 2019, over $2.2 million worth of BAT were shared. Another extension was approved, which leaded to over $12 million worth of BAT shared through the referral program. This unexpected growth, with thousands of new users joining every day made Brave take a step back and re-evaluate. 

Currently, Brave no longer accepts new participants into the referral program therefore new users will get nothing for recommending the browser to others. This change doesn't apply to already verified creators, which will still be rewarded. However, the new content creators can still verify web properties and receive support from followers. The reward for attention remains unchanged and receiving adds will be paid as normal.

This change doesn't make Brave Browser less attractive, and the choice is still simple. Let's not forget that the Brave team took on a 1v1 fight with Google, against Web Bundles. This Google feature was designed to ensure the integrity of a web page and its sub-resources but in the process, will reduce the privacy, disabling the add-blocker and setting private namespaces to all URLs making privacy tools unable to identify the offensive content.

Even without a referral reward for new creators, Brave Browser will continue to create a better browsing experience. The advertising model will avoid showing repetitive ads. Brave doesn't block commercials within the search results, therefore users can find their desired products when looking on various markets or just searching for an item. Brave Shield automatically blocks adds, trackers spam, malicious and offensive content, making the browsing experience quicker and safer.


I said above that I noticed a reduction in BAT payments, compared to previous months. If between March and August, the average monthly reward per device was around 10-12 BAT's and lately dropped to about 4-6. The amount of adds is lower then usual, even if the setting is 5 per hour. Sometimes I receive one or two per day, but there where days when I had no adds. With 70 adds in half a month, makes 5 adds per day, drastically lower than usual. Even with the low number, the calculation still doesn't add up, which make me think that the reward per ad was reduced as well.20d0b52c43b6826c660524776d0ef01744e34cf00486ba0426c76c3cb46e8e81.png


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