Bigger Geysers for everyone - GYSR V2 officially launched!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 24 Jun 2021

The Geyser (GYSR) project is built on the Ethereum block-chain, with a configurable layout and 100% decentralized yield farming system.  The Geyser platform can be used for yield farming, staking and asset distribution, being powered by the $GYSR token. 


I usually don't blame others for my laziness but the last months were busy. The volume of work related tasks was overwhelming, all the Covid restrictions took me close to a borderline depression and Trump's FUD against crypto made me wonder why people still listen to that clown. However, I didn't wrote an article about GYSR in the last three months, and the launch of V2 is the right moment to make my come-back. 


When the GYSR whitepaper was released in 2020, I realized how unique this project is. I staked in the first ever Geyser and  even if the competitive nature stopped me to have a decent earning, I was impressed by the potential. Since then, the GYSR team innovated the tool, secured the codes and passed the CertiK audit. The platform was used for both yield farming and token distribution, and 91 Geysers were deployed with LPs on various AMMs such as SushiSwap and Uniswap. 

GYSR vision expanded token distribution to a financial platform that offers incentive-based tools for the Ethereum ecosystem. The hard work was noticed and GYSR featured in a Yahoo Finance article. 


June 2021 is the date of another great GYSR achievement as v2 has officially launched. The new version has major architectural and economic improvements. The new framework focuses on the swappable building block that contains the staking logic and reward logic, giving users the flexibility of choosing various staking modules for newly created pools.

The competitive yield farming was kept for the Geysers and a new friendly yield farming was added. The Fountains will allow investors to deposit and stake assets without worrying about boiling period, staking multiplier and when is the best time to take it out! 


The $GYSR distribution was also enhanced on V2 and from the total $GYSR spent on the Pool's fees 80% will be distributed to the creator. The remaining tokens will be distributed equally to $GYSR holders and to the GYSR Treasury. 

It was a long wait for V2 and over 1000 tests until the final version was ready. The new dashboard, improved $GYSR multiplier and contract optimizations were focal points of the review. I have to admit that new dashboard is looking good, and the user-friendly interface makes surfing on GYSR a pleasant experience.

The V2 layout has only three tabs, Discover, Dashboard and Distribute. The Discover page will show the total amount of staked assets, the total funded reward, GYSR price and available pools. From the type arrow, users can choose between Geysers and Fountains.


I don't want competitive staking therefore I will avoid Geysers. When I checked the Fountains, only two were available. The SLP Fountain was active, while the GYSR Fountain was unfunded. I have 152 GYSR and I will wait for a GYSR Fountain to become active and then I will stake them for friendly yield farming.


The Dashboard will contain information about the user's staked assets and unclaimed reward. I don't have any staked assets and the page is blank.


The Distribute Page is for Pool Creators. This page will show the statistics of own pools, including the total staked asset in the pools and unclaimed rewards. New pools can be created by clicking "Create Pool" and the smart-wizard will guide the users throughout the process.


For the sake of the experiment, I wanted to see the transaction fee, and I was surprised when I seen it was only $2.59. I didn't continued with the transaction as the Fountain was unfunded and staking $GYSR wouldn't give any rewards.


I will be waiting for a GYSR Fountain, where I will deposit my $GYSR and let them multiply for months. The friendly yield farming system of the Fountains is making the staking risk free and comfortable with HODL-ing.


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